March 14th: Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolat Caramel & Caramel Smudge

I've decided to kick off this week of chocolate reviews with the return of Hotel Chocolat Monday!! Today I will cover off a few out standing reader requests before the busy Easter and Mothers Day periods sneak up on us. I've recently been sent enough samples of these products to feed a small army so you can expect the Hotel Chocolat coverage to be extensive again this year - did you really expect it to be any other way?

Before we look at anything egg shaped, or cheesey mother tribute paying chocolates though, I thought you might all like to see the fun I have been having with some of Hotel Chocolat's Caramel flavour themed products. Upon request of several readers below you will find my thoughts on Hotel Chocolat's Liquid Chocolat Caramel, and Hotel Chocolate's Caramel Smudge. I needn't remind you that both of these products can be bought either online or in all Hotel Chocolat highstreet stores.

Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolat Caramel

Last month I concluded my investigations of the current hot chocolate market with my reviews of the Hotel Chocolat Liuquid Chocolat Milk & Dark variants (See HERE). I say concluded, however I simply couldn't ignore the amount of reader feedback asking me to take a look at some of the flavoured options - so I asked my contacts at HC if I could give their caramel variant a try. One special delivery later, and a 275.0g tub full of 'hot chocolate flakes made from caramel, milk and dark chocolate, interspersed with white chocolate hearts' was sitting on my kitchen counter begging me to get my backside in gear to start the rather arduous task of it's creation. Having now conducted this slow melting process a few times now, I have to admit I haven't been overly impressed with this mixture thus far (I still have half a tub left!). Compared to the Dark chocolate Liquid Chocolat I've found this Caramel one to be a too sweet for my taste. Being a regular black coffee drinker my palette is possibly a bit more used to stronger, hot drinks. Personally I found this caramel mix too dominant in it's sugaryness, would have preferred a flavour influence with more of butterscotch emphasis such as it's aromas suggested. This isn't a bad quality hot chocolate mix by any stretch of the imagination, however it just isn't really to my own taste. Both my mother and sister swear blind it's the nicest hot chocolate around (hence the more rounded score), but for the moment I will be sticking with the Dark Liquid Chocolat mix.

7.7 out of 10

Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Caramel Smudge

Hotel Chocolat get a lot of praise on this website, too much in the opinion of some haha. One thing no one can deny however is the fact that these guys listen to what their consumers are saying. No greater evidence of that is the way this review has come about. It had been fleetingly mentioned by a few readers on a previous review that they wanted my opinions on this Caramel Smudge product. Before I knew it there was a pot of this chocolate spread with me ready to devour before even send them an e-mail asking for it - efficient huh!? As you will see in the photo above (Yes photos taken by my Old Man before you ask :D ), I have been trying out this 'Caramel flavoured hazelnut and chocolate spead' on toast in the mornings, aswell as various other ways such as with ice cream and in cereal etc. To cut to the chase, this Caramel Smudge may not look one of HC's fanciest products ever, but boy is it tasty. Your own enjoyment of this spread will be largely dependant on whether you like hazelnut spreads. Though the product is named 'Caramel Smudge', the caramel is actually more of a background enhancer rather than at the flavour forefront, with the woddy hazelnut having a far greater emphasis in the taste. Being a hazelnut lover, I absolutely loved it. The sweet toffee notes of the caramel are just about balanced - on white thick bread it tastes absolutely divine. If you like spread like Nutella this might just send you in to a world of unparalleled pleasure - highly recommended.

8.6 out of 10

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Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat