March 16th: Oreo Chocolate Bars - Caramel Coffee & Dark Bitter

My friends at J-ListJapanese Snack Reviews? Of course it has to be from J-List!! Indeed both of these bars today were recently sent to me by my favourite Japanese pal Peter @Jlist (Twitter feed HERE). You may recall me having reviewed a few of these Japanese Oreo Chocolate Bars before (See Green Tea, Milk Chocolate & Strawberry flavours) to varied success. Well apparently in the Far East they must have been recieved pretty well, as there have been two new flavours added to the range in the past few months. Today I take a look at the Caramel Coffee & Dark Bitter offerings ...

Oreo Chocolate Bar Caramel Coffee

Kcal 173 Fat 9.5g Carbs 19.5g

Despite not being the the most aesthetically pleasing bar on the eye, when cross-sectioned it was nice seeing the fragments of Oreo biscuits generously dispersed throughout it's entirety. Taking a whiff from inside the foil wrapper the bar was pretty forthcoming in it's aromas, with the strong biscuity smells enhanced pleasantly by some nice cappuccino like scents.

If you have taken the time to study my photograph you will probably know the criticism I'm going to throw in the direction of the chocolate - yes indeed it was a little lacklustre in presence. The sweet mild cocoa flavours it did develop were enough to register a chocolate hit for each mouthful, but I would have liked the chocolate to have had a little more say in the taste. Speaking more positively, the centre mish-mash of Oreo biscuit and caramel, coffee flavoured icing was terrific, with the sweetness of the toffee element nicely playing off the saltiness of the cookie bits. The suggestion of coffee to the taste was ... well ... exactly that! It was more just a mild suggestion, but it was there nonetheless, and gave the bar a nicely progressive taste and sweet coffee end note.

Overall this wasn't exactly a groundbreaking chocolate bar by any means but it was nice, and one that I would have again if it was readily accessible. I'm a little bemused why they couldn't just be done with it and have fully coated the the thing in chocolate, but that aside it was a tasty little coffee number. I still dream of the day that some coffee creme double stuffed Oreos make it to market, come on Nabisco you know you want to :D

8.0 out of 10

Oreo Chocolate Bar Dark Bitter

Kcal 216 Fat 13.4g Carbs 20.9g

Save the best until last??? ... Well no ... I haven't today :D haha I must have chaught someone out with that. This Dark Bitter variant was slightly different in composition to the bar above and other crazier flavours in the range, in that it was a simpler proposition ('dark chocolate with Oreo cookie pieces') and ever so slightly larger in term of size (38.0g vs 32.0g').

On the eye the bar wasn't as visually striking as some of the other Orero Chocolate Bar alternatives, though when it came to the taste I felt it more than held it's own. As you probably could have guessed, this wasn't the grandioso dark chocolate experience of a Galler or Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate, but rather more the case of a less sugary focused chocolate creating a mass consumer friendly dark chocolate experience. With the attention drawn away from the underlying sweetness of the chocolate base, the saltyness and vanilla creme influences from the cookie pieces became more accentuated, making for a taste that had increased emphasis on it's Oreo cookie influence.

Overall this wasn't the most exciting flavour variation I have tried in this Oreo Chocolate Bar range, but it was more satisfying than some of the other options given it's larger size. Those looking for a rich dark chocolate will in all likelyhood be disappointed by it, though I doubt very much that your average person would be looking for that sort of experience from a bar such as this to begin with. If you come across it don't be put off by the dark chocolate billing.

7.5 out of 10