March 25th: Booja-Booja Organic Truffles

After getting such positive feedback on my review of their Raspbery Organic Truffles, Booja-Booja were so kind as to send me along a few more varieties of their product line to sample. If you had better things to do with your Valentines Day this year than read that review (See HERE if applicable :D ) then you may wish to be filled in with some of the background to who exactly these guys are.

In a nutshell, Booja-Booja are a small British company based in Norfolk, and they are renowned for their dairy free, cholesterol free, gluten free, organic and GMO free handmade chocolates. Despite still being one of the smaller entities on the chocolate market, they have already won several industry awards across many of their truffles.

Today, alongside some very willing taste testers I tried out both their Cognac Banana and Champagne truffle offerings. Here's what we made of them ...

Booja-Booja Organic Cognac Banana Truffles
Kcal 57 Fat 4.0g Carbs 4.0g (per 11.5g truffle)

These Cognac Banana truffles came packaged in the same manner as the Midnight Espresso variety that I reviewed back in the latter days of 2010, in a very groovy looking 'sustainable, poplar wood box'. Upon opening the lid a variety of different aromas were noticeable, with elements of cocoa, booze and touch of sweet fruitiness all forthcoming.

Stored within mini paper sleeves, the truffles were lined with cocoa powder, which gave each and every one of them a delightful cooling sensation when placed on the tongue. The melt of each chocolate was a divine experience, with the initial dryness of the powder making way for a fast paced, but ultimately silky feeling smooth melt of the inner truffle. As could be determined by the smell, the Cognac element was initially quite strong, however as the melt developed the sweetness of the very real tasting banana fruit came through, nicely taking the sharp edge off the harsher alcohol element. The resulting taste was both progressive and rich, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all that tried them. My mother (who is a big fan of bananas) was insistent of high score and I would agree that it is well deserved.

8.4 out of 10

Booja-Booja Organic Champagne Truffles
Kcal 71 Fat 5.2g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 4.5gg (per 12.5g truffle)

As you can see in the photo above these Champagne truffles came in a slightly different manner to previously reviewed Booja-Booja products, though I think the presentation style was every bit as classy. Despite lacking paper sleeve casings, the truffles were obviously still wonderfully fresh, as the raft of boozie champagne scents that emerged from the box were both pungent and capitulating.

I wouldn't by any stretch of the imagination suggest myself or my family tasting panel as champagne connoisseurs, however I would like to think we would know a good champagne truffle when we taste one. To cut the chase quickly - we thought these were great, and the delightful melting nature of the truffles was every bit as luxurious as the experience described with the Cognac variety above. Taste wise the champagne element was also equally as well implemented, and was balanced perfectly with the rich tasting dark chocolate cocoa with it's slightly acidic boozie tones. As total packages I would be hard pressed to pick one or the other if tasked, but if it was solely on taste I would just about side with the Cognac Banana variety due to it having just one more layer of flavour development. Ultimately I would be entirely comfortable recommending both of these though.

8.4 out of 10