March 5/6th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 67

### Site Update ###

Hi All,

I had two days out the office earlier this week and I came back to the biggest mountain of parcels on my work desk ever :D Hotel Chocolat, Thorntons, Luckys, Ritter, Cadbury, Booja-Booja and J-List .... these next few weeks are going to be busy :D

One of these parcels contained some samples of the new flavours that will be added to Thorntons' square bar range later this year to celebrate their Centenary Year (See HERE). I will wait until they are released and I write full reviews to give my full comments, but having tried the Cloudy Lemonade and Bakewell Tart flavours I'm at least willing to say that they deliver on their names :D

If you haven't visited the site recently you might have missed the launch of the ChocolateMission News Page - See HERE. I'm doing my best to keep the page up to date, however if you spot something I have missed please feel free to contact me via comment or e-mail.

Thanks for all the feedback/opinions this week. Have great weekends.


Feature: Rice Krispies Squares in Comic relief partnership

The kind people at Kellogg's recently sent me a package full of Chocolate Rice Krispy Squares so it is only fair I bring your attention to their current partnership with Comic Relief.

To save you wading through all of the PR guff (See HERE), let me succinctly summarise for you that for the time being (January to the end of March), for every Rice Krispy Square sold, Kellogg's will be donating £0.03 to Comic Relief. This promotion will be running across the entire Rice Krispy Squares range, including the Limited Edition Comic Relief themed 'Red Nose Day Totally Chocolatey Square' pictured above. This Square isn't any different to the original 'Totally Chocolatey Square', but the red noses are a nice touch in my opinion. I wish all charity work was as easy as eating Rice Krispy Squares all day :D

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