March 9th: 'Bits n Bobs' 2011 New Product Misc

The 'Bits n Bobs' post this week consists of a few 'New' product launches that we have seen here in the UK in the past few months.

You may have seen on the site already this week that I have recently tried out the reformulated Ferrero Kinder Bueno White and was none to please with what I found (See HERE). Would these products fair better on the ChocolateMission rating system? Take a look ....

McVitie's Penguin Caramel Wafer
Kcal 106 Fat 5.4g Fat(sats) 3.8g Carbs 10.2g (per bar)
'Milk chocolate covered wafer bars filled with caramel and chocolate cream'

The latest product line extension of the McVitie's Penguin brand was announced HERE back in the middle of January. I found this pack of nine bars on an introductory £0.85 deal in my local Sainsbury's store - it was lucky I was keeping my eye out for them as the exterior packaging looked none to disimmilar from the standard Penguin Wafer bars.

You may have noticed from my photo and the descriptor given above that these were a none to dissimlar proposition to the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Biscuit (See HERE), a product I am very familiar with :D . Comparing one with the other, these Penguin Caramel Wafers simply didn't match up. Although the chocolate was of a similar quality and thickness, the wafer and caramel layers weren't as flavoursome and lacked the wheat biscuit and buttery caramel charms of the aforementioned. At two thrids the size I also didn't find them as satisfying. These wont offend anyone, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them absent from our shelves within a year what with the stiff and superior competition.

6.6 out of 10


Cadbury Bournville Biscuits
Kcal 85 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 9.9g (per biscuits)
'Cadbury classic dark chocolate with a chocolate covered cream centre'

Anyone who has read my Cadbury Bournville review (See HERE) will be aware that it isn't one of my favourite dark chocolates ... bit of an understatement there :D . Being the dedicated guy I am though, I simply can't ignore reader requests - if you guys are sick of my moaning then you can all blame ChocolateMission reader Thea haha :D I found these new Cadbury Bournville Biscuits on sale in Waitrose where surprise, surprise they were on a £1.00 introductory offer.

To cut to the chase, as I expected, I didn't get much enjoyment from these biscuits. Perhaps this is me just be stubborn, but I simply just didn't enjoy the taste of the chocolate, which I felt was as overly sugary, one dimensional and lazy in it's melt. The biscuit element did at least bring some sort of appeal to the overall taste, however I didn't detect any differentiation from the outer chocolate to the inner chocolate cream apart from the softer texture. I've always maintained that Cadbury Bournville chocolate might be a nice option for those who don't like their dark chocolate all that strong and wish to ease themselves into the dark side. Speaking from a personal point of view however, I think we all know it just isn't to my taste. Not even the added biscuit has made it score that much better.

6.0 out of 10

Kit Kat Pop Choc
Kcal 108 Fat 6.3g Fat(sats) 3.8g Carbs 11.4g (per 9 pieces)
'Crispy wafer pieces covered in milk chocolate'

I wont spend to long on this one, as these Kit Kat Pop Chocs are rather self-explanatory. These Pop Chocs have been described by Nestle as a product "to move the Megabrand to a whole new arena" in their PR statement (See HERE). I'm not sure about that, though I'm sure a number of you will be well aware they have been doing the rounds in most European countries for a fair while now - they have often been spotted in shops such as Poundland/Home Bargains etc. I found these on sale in Tesco last week at the RRP price of £1.49 for a 140.0g.

Essentially these Pop Chocs are Malteser sized bites of regular milk chocolate Kit Kat - what could be bad about that? ... Well ... nothing ... they are delicious as you would expect :D Quite simply, if you love your Kit Kats then there would be no logical reason why you wouldn't love these. It would of perhaps have been nice of Nestle to have been a little more adventurous, and given us some of the crazier flavours like they get in Japan (Caramel Salted HERE, Chilli Powder HERE), but this is the UK we are talking about it :D Recommended for you Kit Kat lovers.

8.1 out of 10