SPECIAL FEATURE: 'Say it with Celebrations'

Today we have a special feature on the site courtesy of our friends from Mars UK.

These guys recently got in contact with me regarding a special service they have just launched called 'Say it with Celebrations'. In a nutshell, this service allows you to send a personalised chocolate gift box featuring your own custom meassage and selected Mars Celebration chocolates - cool idea huh!?

In just three easy steps you can create an awesome little (or large) assortment of chocolates, complete with your own personalised message for yourself or a special someone:

Step 1 - Choose a Box - This involves you choosing between the three sizes ...
- 'Little message' (5 chocolates + message) - £2.49 plus p&p (£1)
- 'Small wallet' (5 chocolates + message + photo) - £3.99 plus p&p (£1.25)
- 'Double wallet' (10 chocolates + photo + message) - £5.49 plus p&p (£1.50)

Step 2 - Choose your Celebrations Mix - You have three options here again ...
- 'Favourite Bar Minatures' - 1 x Malteser truffle, 1 x Galaxy Caramel, 1 x MilkyWay, 1 x Galaxy, 1 x Galaxy Truffle
- 'Everyone's Favourite Minatures' - 1 x Mars, 1 x Twix, 1 x Snickers, 1 x Galaxy, 1 x Bounty
- 'Lucky Dip' - Can't handle the pressure of picking one of the above? Choose this option to hand the responsibility back to Mars to choose one of the two options above.

Step 3 - Personalise - This is where everything gets very cool ...
- First you choose one of the greetings to appear on the front (Happy Birthday etc)
- Then, if your box size allows it, you can add your very own photo
- Finally, you can add your own message to the inside of your box

The creation process can be carried out either online (See HERE) or through the use of the Mars 'Say it with Celebrations' mobile application (available for free from the Itunes store).

This might be coming across as nothing more than a glorified advert, but I genuinely think its a cool idea, as do some of my fellow bloggers like Liz at Foodstufffinds. With Mothers Day and Easter coming up soon this may well be a gifting option you may wish to consider. I think it's an ideal option if you are looking to make your chocolate gift just that little bit more special.