April 20th: JIM's ChocolateMission Buyers Guide Easter 2011

With so different many products on offer this year at Easter it was always going to be impossible giving them all ChocolateMission reviews. In order to showcase you guys my top tips for this Easter holiday I thought I would put together a similar post like I did for Christmas 2010. I present to you to the ChocolateMission Buyers Guide Easter 2011.

You wont find any serious graphs or scores here. Just my quick candid views and some nice looking photographs of some of the better products I have tried amongst the mountain of different Easter products I have accumilated over the past few weeks. Be sure to leave your own top tips ....

---- What better place to start than with Hotel Chocolat? This Hotel Chocolate Easter Eggpose Milk is a 225.0g package consisting of half a 40% milk chocolate shell, with a load of mini praline milk chocolate eggs. In my opinion it doesn't get much better than Hotel Chocolat's house milk chocolate recipe. It's soft and thick melting, and just packed full of sweet cocoa and cream flavours. The mini praline eggs are also about as good as they come. This is one of the cheaper Hotel Chocolat Easter offerings - I needn't tell you whether I recommend it or not :D
Buy your Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs HERE

---- Nestle sure haven't held back with their Easter range this year. Not only do we have the standard egg products for some of the well know brands like Kit Kat, but we also have some new products on their Aero and Smarties brands. Neither the Aero Bubbly Lamb or Nestle Smarties Hen are that note worthy for their chocolate, but you would have to be a pretty 'hard-as-nails' serious type not to love them for their nice looks. Kids are sure to love them.

---- After featuring so many Thorntons products in the first quarter of this year I do regret somewhat not having taken a closer look at what Thorntons have been offering this Easter. One of their products I can recommend however are these Thorntons Melt Praline Eggs. These are quite simply milk chocolate shells filled with a softer, gooey hazelnut praline centres, and are a line extension from the Thorntons Praline Melts I reviewed back in February. They might not be the finest of finest praline chocolates around, but I thought they provided a decent alternative to the more common place market offerings. Well worth a try.

---- It wouldn't be fair of me just to be looking at the British based brand offerings in my Buyers Guide so I have included these Ferrero Kinder Schoko-Bons Milky Bites as one of our European representatives :D Anyone who has had any form of Kinder chocolate before will be well aware of what to expect from these. The combination of the milk chocolate and sugary milky centres make for a devilishly sweet combination, which trust me are incredibly moreish and 'dangerous' to have sat on your work desk. Without thinking you will be able to see bags of these away without so much of a thought. One for the sweeter toothed consumer.

---- Lindt bunnies are fast becoming one of the most iconic chocolates for Easter and are increaslingly becoming available in wider and wider distribution here in the UK. Whilst I am a big fan of the creamy tasting milk chocolate that Lindt have to offer, I can't help but feel bad with each passing bite taken out of these little fellas :D My only advice to you guys is to start with the head - at least then you can rest assured that our little chocolate rabbit friends can't see you munching away at their rest of their delicious chocolate bodies haha!