April 6th: 'Bits n Bobs' Cadbury Biscuits 2011

It looks like Cadbury and their partners have been extremely busy recently making all sorts of new additions to their biscuit range. If these new products are anything to go by, Cadbury are really looking to step up their game in this sector. Lets take a look at how some of their latest creations have faired on the ChocolateMission rating system ...

-----Cadbury BiscBits Caramel Crunch
Kcal 135 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.3g Carbs 17.4g (per 8 biscuits)

On one of my frequent trips down the biscuit aisle in my local Tesco this week I was excited to see that they had changed up the arrangement of the shelves and obviously at the same time introduced several new products. Sat next to the some of the other Cadbury biscuit offerings (Cadbury Fingers etc), these Cadbury BiscBits Caramel Crunch were glistening at me with the bright Cadbury purple pouch catching my eye with it's foil fresh look. To my knowledge (which I believe is as extensive as it comes haha!), BiscBits is a whole new sub-brand for the Cadbury portfolio. After forking out £1.69, I have this week been slowly munching my way through my first pack.

This Cadbury BiscBits Caramel Crunch came described as 'caramel flavour biscuits covered with milk chocolate' and it came suggested that the pouch be eaten in four servings of eight biscuits. Presentation wise I liked the aesthetic design of the pouch with it's shiny, vibrant look, however as you can see by my photographs the actual biscuits looked worn and scuffed in comparison. This left me with a sense that these might be a bit lazy effort by Cadbury, and I will say that I was left a tiny bit disappointed by the eventual taste. Chocolate wise, the 14% cocoa recipe established the sugary Cadbury milk chocolate experience from the outset, though the texture was somewhat grainy due to the dusty nature of the surface. The inner biscuits were what let these down in my estimation, as the promised caramel element was nothing more than an extra injection of sweet, brown sugar like notes to the taste. The added rice particles to the biscuit innards did add interest texturally, but alone this wasn't enough to suppress my disappointment with the other issues raised. I wont be rushing back to buy these again in the near future.

6.2 out of 10

-----Cadbury Snack Shortcake Shots
Kcal 260 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 8.5g Carbs 30.2g (per 50.0g)

After Nestle's introduction of the Kit Kat Pop Chocs 'sharing pouch' earlier this month, it would seem that Cadbury have been quick to respond with their very own launch of these Cadbury Snack Shortcake Shots. Indeed, these took me by surprise when I found them on sale by the checkout in Sainsburys last week. In the FMCG business, being merchandised here is a giveaway sign of a product that has been very quickly developed and 'sold in' to the retailer as an unplanned development. All that may just be speculation, but the sound of 100.0g of 'milk chocolate coated shortcake balls' sounded like an interesting enough proposition, and at £1.00 a bag I couldn't help but pick one up.

I must admit when I first saw these on the till I did have to 'double-take' the packaging as the Cadbury branding was pretty small, and the usual purple colouring was much more reserved than normal on the front of the pack. The pieces themselves looked uncannily like the Kit Kat Pop Chocs in both size and appearance, though the aromas were distinctly Cadbury. You may have already guessed this but, these of course weren't coated with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, but rather Cadbury's 14% cocoa recipe which meant the taste was predominantly more sugar than cream led. Whilst the chocolate wasn't at optimum Cadbury standards, the inner shortcake pieces were at least tasty enough and established short sharp bursts of buttery biscuit flavours to every mouthful. Whilst these were on the whole mostly unspectacular (and in my opinion less enjoyable than the Kit Kat Pop Chocs), I would suggest them a 'fine' snacking option, though I'm sure you are all aware there are better Cadbury options out there.

6.9 out of 10

-----Cadbury Fingers Toffee Crunch
Kcal 120 Fat 6.1g Fat(sats) 3.3g Carbs 13.8g (per 25.0g serving)

Last but by no means least (I think we all know I save the best to finish with anyway haha!), we have these Cadbury Fingers Toffee Crunch. As far as I'm aware you should be able to buy this new variant of 'Fingers' in both pouch or 'carton' forms - I chose the 125.0g carton option as you can see in my photo. Aside from the rebranding of the white and dark chocolate Fingers last year (See HERE), Cadbury haven't done much in the way of new product development on this part of their biscuit line up for years. This Toffee Crunch variant however, appeared as part of the Tesco shelf rearrangement that I alluded to above, and were being sold on an introductory £1.00 offer.

These Cadbury Fingers Toffee Crunch came with a description of 'Crisp toffee flavoured mini biscuits covered with milk chocolate'. On the surface of things, these Toffee Crunch biscuits looked no different to the standard Cadbury Fingers, though once the inner biscuit portion was revealed they were noticeably more golden in colour compared with the usual white shortcake. Of course like all the biscuits today, the chocolate was Cadbury's secondary 14% recipe which again established that very familiar sugary sweet milk led cocoa taste with every bite. Thankfully I liked the biscuit portion here an awful lot more than the BiscBits Caramel Crunch, as the toffee element was in integrated far more subtly with it's more minor suggestions of butterscotch like flavours. Whilst the biscuit innards could have down with being just a touch more salty, I still on the whole enjoyed them and felt far more comfortable eating them in greater quantities than the other two featured products today. I don't often buy Cadbury Fingers, but if I was to again I would probably pick these up.

7.9 out of 10