April 8th: Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

Kcal 250 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 24.0g

I'm not going to pretend that I haven't read a thousand reviews on this chocolate bar already. Indeed, I have been keep a watchful eye on all my fellow chocolate bloggers websites, watching one-by-one as their reviews have slowly trickled in since its launch in the US. Candyblog, SugarPressure, RodzillaReviews, GiGi Reviews, whilst all these reviews have all written with each bloggers wonderfully unique writing style, one thing has remained consistently the same - the Snickers Peanut Butter Squared has largely disappointed!!

Last week I finally got try one of these for myself, and as predictable as this all sounds I have to side with my fellow candy bar critics. So how have Mars managed to under deliver on a proposition that sounds so tremendously good!? 'Two squares filled with peanut butter, peanuts, caramel, nougat, & nougat, covered in milk chocolate' sounds like a combination that should be knocking on the door of an elusive ChocolateMission 9.0 out of 10 rating! The issues for me began with the presentation of the bar. The yellow coloured wrapper looked nice enough and differentiated from the normal Snickers, however I was not liking the way the bar had been produced in the two Square format and felt that it made the whole product feel less substantial and 'Un-Snickers' like.

Cutting into one of the pieces the usual array of gorgeous Snickers peanutty scents did give me hope that I had something special at hand, though it also became clearly evident at this point that there had been a disproportionate cull when it came to the nougat layer. As seen in my review of the Snickers Maximus recently launched here in the UK (See HERE), one thing that Mars don't need to mess with when it comes to the Snickers is the proportion of nougat. It's skimpy implementation here came across as lacklustre and each bite felt lacking in substantiality in contrast to the usual chewiness offered by a standard Snickers. Moving on to my critique of the peanut butter element, I can be less harsh in my damning as it tasted altogether 'OK' with it's buttery roasted nut flavours enhanced by intermittent small real nut shards. The fact of the matter though, was that the peanut butter just wasn't comparable to Reese's. Comparing the two, the peanut butter here was less flavoursome in it's roasted nuttyness, and it lacked the saltiness that it needed to fully take advantage of the potential contrast with the sweet flavoured caramel layer. The 50.0g two piece totality was still a relatively fulfilling chocolate bar, though compare the experience to a normal Snickers and I can assure you one would leave you feeling a lot more satisfied than the other.

Overall I would have loved it if I was able to write a review totally contradictory of all that have gone before but I just simply cant. Anyone who has been reading this website for any amount of time will know that I'm a massive fan of both Snickers and peanut butter, so you can just imagine my expectations when I heard about this latest Mars creation. Despite me reading the various reviews posted by my fellow bloggers stated above, I genuinely did approach this bar with an open mind willing to form my own opinion, though as you will have read my thoughts are almost entirely aligned to theirs. Fundamentally, Mars have managed to fowl up a bar that had fantastic pedigree. It isn't a bad bar of chocolate by any means, but lets face it - things should have been a whole lot better. Quite why they chose to mess around with the proportion of nougat or format of the bar I really don't know - why didn't they add the peanut butter incrementally rather than taking away from other key constituents? You may think that it was me with expectations hoping the peanut butter was going to be Reese's comparable, but at the end of the day I don't see a reasons for why it couldn't be just as good. As much as I tried not to be, I was ultimately left feeling disappointed - oh what could have been!

7.0 out of 10