May 21st: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 73 - Nabisco Nutter Butter


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I'm glad that you guys finally got a full quota of chocolate reviews this week after the Easter holidays and technical issues previous. To be honest with you guys there isn't much to report at the moment - things my side of the fence are ticking along nicely. You may have noticed that I have got reviews of some of the latest new products to hit the chocolate market up pretty sharpish in the last few weeks - you can expect a whole lot more coming soon as I will be sharing my thoughts on certain Thorntons and Cadbury NPDs in the next week or so.

Whilst on the topic of Thorntons you might want to take a look back at my review of the Thorntons Mini Caramel Shortcakes (See HERE) - I recently just updated the photographs on that review. Another one I have recently updated is my review of Montezuma's Culture Shock bar (See HERE).
I'm sure you will all be pleased to hear that Hotel Chocolat delivered a box full of their summer chocolate range this week - like the new products above those reviews will be along very shortly.

Be sure to check out the news page for all the latest goings on in the chocolate market. As ever I can only encourage you guys to leave any stories you find yourselves or any requests you have for product reviews.

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SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week

Kcal 130 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 1.5g Carbs 19.0g (per 2 cookies)

I know It's been a week of cookie and biscuit based products here on ChocolateMission and you are probably tiring of them all, but I just couldn't help but feature these Nabisco Nutter Butter cookies as 'Snack of The Week'. These were another American delight sent to me my pals at AmericanSoda (See HERE) - if you are lucky they might still have some of them in stock!

Nutter Butters are a Nabisco brand and come described as 'peanut-shaped sandwich cookies with peanut butter fillings'. I'm sure all you peanut butter lovers are salivating at the prospect of this and to be honest you have good reason to be doing so. AmericanSoda sent me the largest pack size of Nutter Butters that they sell (453.0g) but even that only lasted a few hours when left in my open office environment. Luckily for me I managed to grab a fair few myself - boy are they great. The saltyness of the peanut butter filling and the sweetness of the outer malty wheat biscuits is a combination made in cookie heaven. All I can say is that if you love peanut butter, you will love these cookies.

8.0 out of 10


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