May 5th: 'Bits n Bobs' Japenese Oreo Superpost

Until recently, whenever I thought of Oreo cookies I would immediatedly think of America. Over the last few months however, it seems that the Japanese have really taken to the brand like they have done with the Western orginating Kit Kat. Indeed Oreos seem to be very much 'on-trend' in Japan at moment, and in true Japanese style they have released a number of new flavour variants recently including several green tea flavour prodcuts. Thanks to J-List, I have been able to try out several of these products - see below for my thoughts on them.

Nabisco Oreo Green Tea Sticks
Kcal 52 Fat 2.0g Carbs 8.9g (per pack - 3 Stix)

A few months ago you may recall me reviewing the original Nabisco Oreo Sticks (See HERE) where I settled on describing them as a 'tasty, yet non-substantial snack'. These Green Tea Sticks (Yes they have rid away with the silly 'Stix' spelling :D ) offered a largelly similar experience, though their non-substantiality (new word!) was made even greater due to them being rationed in even smaller sized packs. Indeed, there were noticeable differences from the orginals from the outset - the sticks were portioned in three packs as opposed to two, and the green tea aromas were forthcoming and a little curious. Taste wise the lack of flavour from the wafer constituents meant that it was the green tea element that took over the majority of the taste, with the grassy, herby flavours creating a great impression as soon as they were crunched in the mouth. Although I understand that smaller packs might be suitable as 'taster' portions, as actual snacks they will be non-sufficent for even the smallest of tummy rumbles. If you fancy a smaller option to try a green tea flavoured product out these are a viable option - otherwise I would urge you to look for bigger pack sizes.

6.6 out of 10

Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Bar Green Tea Mini
Kcal 46 Fat 2.7g Carbs 4.9g (per 8.5g Mini)

I had previously reviewed this bar in it's large form so I would urge you to take a look at that review (See HERE) to get my extensive thoughts and ChocolateMission rating.

What I like about these Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Bar Green Tea Mini is that they are the perfect size for trying out a green tea flavour variant for anyone that is a little cautious about trying it. The 8.5g provide fantastic bitesized soundbites of what the flavouring offers and I would say are highly suitable for sharing amongst a group of people. I would recommend them on those two basis.

Nabisco Oreo Bits Sandiwiches Green Tea Mini
Kcal 295 Fat 12.6g Carbs 41.6g (per 60.0g Mini)

Whereas the first two products featured were most suitable for sharing or just sampling the green tea flavouring out, these Nabisco Oreo Bits Sandiwiches Green Tea Mini were a far more substantial 60.0g product offering. Quite simply these Bits Sandwiches were mini sized Oreos that really chaught the eye with their bright green coloured creme fillings. As you might expect the initial stages of the taste experience were largelly consistent with any oreo experience with the chocolate cookie portion providing a sweet, chocolatey wheat crunchy context. The green tea element however was soon the focus of the taste, with the grassy, herby elements coming through strongly as soon the creme was uncovered. Unlike with the Sticks, the more substantial sweet flavours from the cookie portions provied to be a better counterbalance for the minor bitterness created by the tea. As a flavour experience I would summarise all these green tea products as more interesting than necessarilly tasty. If you fancy a more substantial Oreo green tea product snack this is definitely the one.

7.5 out of 10

Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Bar Apple
Kcal 202 Fat 12.0g Carbs 21.0g (per 36.5g bar)

It's not all freaky green tea :D The last Oreo product I'm featuring today is this Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Bar Apple. Before trying this apple variant I had reviewed several different flavours before with varying success - Caramel Coffee, Dark Bitter, Original etc. My initial impressions of this flavour were none to impressed - the fruit smells emanating from the wrapper came across as artifical, even to the extent that they were hard to identify as apple. I was also a little unimpressed by the lack of the communication of the apple variant on the wrapper - as a non-Japanese speaker it would have been impossible to tell what flavour this bar was without prior knowledge. Thankfully my grumbles can end there, as this bar tasted fantastic. As with so many of the other aforementioned flavours, the chocolate coating and inner creme icing were a delightful combination, and they created the Oreo experience in a substantial chocolate bar form. As a lover of dried fruit, I was absolutely delighted to see that the apple flavouring was integrated through small freeze dried apple pieces. They created a remarkable texture, and unlike the smells suggested, the sweet apple fruit flavours came across as very 'real' tasting. Apple flavoured chocolates are extremelly rare but this is one certainly to check out if you are a fan of the combination. I would certainly have this bar again in the future - it's one to look out for.

7.6 out of 10