June 25th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 77 - Thorntons Gold Award Winners 2011


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It's been another really great week for the site with record amounts of visitors and some really good chit chat on the reviews. If you are one of my readers who doesn't look at the comment threads on the reviews I would strongly suggest you start doing so. There are a great bunch of regulars and the discussions can get very lively.

Whats gone on in my world this week!? Well not that much to be honest with you folks. I have recieved deliveries from Thorntons and Ritter Sport, but apart from that it has been all rather quiet.

Next week you can expect to see more Hotel Chocolat, Lucky's Cakes and AmericanSoda. Make sure you are signed up to the ChocolateMission Twitter feed HERE. You never know I might have the sudden urge to hold another competition if I get the chance. As ever if you have any products you want to see reviewd please just leave them on the request page.

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SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week

Hands up if you have seen these doing the rounds on the Chocosphere this week :D .... Yeah, you and me both! There I was thinking I was all special this week after recieving these 'Academy of Chocolate 2011 award winning chocolates' through the post from my pals at Thorntons.

As part of their attempts to reshape their somewhat troubled brand image it appears that Thorntons are attempting to remind people just how good some of their chocolates are by sending out some PR samples to us so called 'chocolate experts'. Included in these packs Thorntons included three of their chocolates that won awards at the latest Academy of Chocolate awards ... here are my thoughts on them.

Crunchy Praline - This was a great chocolate that combined a soft yielding hazelnut filling with small crunchy rice cereal pieces dispersed throughout. In terms of taste the woody nut flavours were forthcoming and the outer chocolate had a pleasant creamy sweetness. The rice cereal specs offered little flavourwise, though they brought pleasant addictions texturally. Good.
Raspberry & Rose - This piece was suitably coated with a less sugar intensive dark chocolate which I thought matched the highly sweet centre well. Once again the mouthfeel of the soft filling was pleasant against the crisp outer chocolate, though I wasn't all that taken by raspberry and rose flavours. Though distinctive I thought they were highly reminiscent of Thorntons' standard Turkish Delight bar which didn't make it feel like an altogether 'special' award worthy chocolate. More could have been done with the raspberry. Standard.
Vanilla Caramel - Given the amount of caramels I have tried in my time this was probably the one they were going to have most problems impressing me with - to my surprise they did! This was a delightful caramel that had both a wonderful mouthfeel and a terrific flavour delivery. The filling was soft and slightly viscous in texture, whilst the taste had elements of butter, salt, vanilla and cream all in one. It wasn't the best ever caramel, but it was still highly enjoyable. I wouldn't mind a box of these. Superb.

So where can you get some of these 'award winners' yourself? Well you can head over to Thorntons HERE and keep an eye out for the £100 'Wonder box' that these will be included in to celebrate their 100 year Jubilee year. Here's hoping they also come out with a more realistically priced offering eh!? :D

8.3 out of 10


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