June 27th: Hotel Chocolat Tiramisu

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

My trawl through the Hotel Chocolat Summer 2011 Peepster range finishes today with me taking a look at their new Tiramisu slab offering. Long time readers of the site will know that I make very little effort hiding my love for coffee flavoured chocolates. You only need to look at my previous reviews of bars such as Lindt's Excellence Coffee Intense See HERE (now shockingly out of distribution in the UK!!!) to understand just quite how much I love coffee chocolates. Suffice to say the prospect of Hotel Chocolat finally having a go at this terrific combination had me literally salivating. The on-pack description of 'milk and mocha chocolate, cookie pieces and enrobed coffee beans only further fueled my excitement. My expectations for this slab were sky high, it was always going to be hard living up to them.

Just as all the rest this Tiramisu slab came in a 100.0g portion that I consumed slowly over the course of a few days. I would love to say that I had some second opinions on this one but this was a chocolate that I wasn't going ever going to be sharing with anyone haha :D In terms of aesthetic impression the slab looked attractive on the eye with the two tone milk chocolate and decorative white chocolate swirls complimented nicely by the biscuit and coffee bean pieces. Again the same issue about breaking the slab into smaller pieces reared its ugly head, however I was too overcome by the glorious roasted coffee scents being emanated by the chocolate to really take much notice of that.

I feel in no mood to beat around the bush today, so I will let the 'cat out the bag' straight away by revealing this was every bit as great as I hoped it would be. The majority of the bar was comprised of Hotel Chocolat's 40% milk chocolate which of course brought all the usual cream based, fresh cocoa flavours to the party. Across the entire slab, generous portions of lighter coloured, speckled milk chocolate signified the presence of the mocha chocolate - gosh was it nice! The mocha chocolate built upon the base cream flavours with a smooth, roasted coffee influence. The coffee element surprised me with it's strength - it certainly didn't hold back in getting the coffee across in the taste. Whilst the taste was to be marvelled at, the differentiated textures created by the smooth melting chocolate and crunchy biscuit and coffee beans pieces were also fantastic. Speaking of the devils, both the biscuits and coated coffee beans were tremendous additional flavour enhancers. The biscuits brought a lovely shortbread flavour input, whilst the coffee beans brought further big bursts of coffee in every bite where present. Altogether this all made for a delicious and moreish coffee chocolate - at times I just couldn't put it down.

Overall this wasn't the perfect coffee chocolate but it definitely came mighty close. The mocha flavoured chocolate included in this slab was nothing short of phenomenal. It almost became a game breaking off chunks of the plain milk chocolate around it, just so I could save those 'best bits' until last (yes I am one of those weird people haah :D). The other coffee element to this slab, was also inspired - Hotel Chocolat should seriously look into releasing a stand alone coated coffee bean product they are that good! Do I have any minor criticisms!? Well of course I do :D First off I think the 'Tiramisu' name given to the slab is slight misleading given that the chocolate lacked the cheesyness of mascarpone and the boozie influence without any liqueur. Secondly I think it would have been better if the embedded coffee beans had been more spaced out across the slab. Lets not dwell on the negatives :D ... this was one heck of a delicious chocolate that I would recommend to anyone who considers themselves a coffee flavoured chocolate fan. This one gets a big ChocolateMission thumbs up.

8.9 out of 10

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