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June 29th: Lucky's Honey Time - New Flavours

The last time we saw Lucky's on ChocolateMission I gave you all my thoughts on the new Mad Hatter Bar flavours just released (See HERE). In those reviews I constantly referred back to my first ever post about Lucky's, where I reviewed the Lucky's Honey Time Gift Selection (See HERE) where I awarded a very impressive 9.2 out of 10 rating. Well in addition to the new Mad Hatter Bar flavours, Lucky's also decided it appropriate to update their Honey Time offerings, the three of which I will showcase for you today.

As you can see from the photos these came to me in a very fancy looking gift set box that was decorated beautifully with the Lucky's branding and Alice in Wonderland themed patterns and logos. Inside the chunky 95.0g cakes were held in place by a bizzare, yet still rather cool furry shelf. The packaging was altogether odd in style, but ultimately very premium looking. This uniqueness is something I can only imagine will benefit Lucky's as they grow as a company. I'm not sure the style is going to be to everyone's taste but one thing that is for definite is that it will make them stand out from the crowd.

Unlike before I have decided to review these cakes individually as they are also available to buy in this manner. You can see them on the Lucky's website HERE for further details.


Coco Rush - 'Spiced honey cake with coconut cream covered in dark chocolate'. I probably needn't remind you that all these cakes featured today were made with Valrhona chocolate exteriors and Luckys's top secret recipe spiced honey cake. This dark chocolate cake was one that took my fancy from the off and I couldn't wait to get stuck into it. Whilst doing the photography the awesome coconutty smells that greeted me nicely set my expectations for the taste test that quickly followed. The dark chocolate was every bit as good as expected, and it's thick shell implementation nicely established a grand set of unsweetened cocoa flavours which complimented the sweet cake and filling quite superbly. Not to be outdone by the chocolate, the cake was sweet and spicy in taste and was nicely moistened by the coconut cream that lay on top. The coconut filling itself delivered what it promised with it's milky sweet nut flavours, though it did come come across my mind that it wasn't quite the standard of William Curley's Bounty Bar coconut ganache. Altogether this was a delicious cake and one I got a great deal of satisfaction from. Recommended for you coconut fans.

8.4 out of 10


Lazy Rabbit - 'Spiced honey cake with Bailey's & walnuts covered in milk chocolate'. Out of all the three cakes this was probably the one that had myself and my tasting panel most intrigued. My last experience with a Bailey's flavoured cake product was a Christmas themed McVitie's offering which proved to be a tad underwhelming (See HERE). If you have learnt anything about Lucky's so far, you will understand that 'underwhelming' isn't a word that is often suitable for this brand - this cake was far, far superior! The thick outer shell of milk chocolate broke with a beautiful elegance, and I didn't have to wait long for the expected creamy, silky cocoa flavours to make themselves known amongst the cinnamon spiced flavours of the honey noted cake. Hopefully you can see from my photo that the Bailey's and Walnut layer was very generously portioned. This was especially so at the centre of the cake where the filling oozed out uncontrollably as I bit in to it (messy business :D ) - oh my was it delicious! Adding further to the creaminess of the chocolate, the Bailey's element came through with just the slightest boozieness that combined with the surprisingly strong savoury butteryness of the walnuts offered a simply sensational flavour experience. The Bailey's contribution to the taste was for me spot on - neither too dominant or too weak. Highly recommended for any Bailey's lover.

8.9 out of 10


Hurry Bunny - 'Spiced honey cake with blueberry covered in white chocolate'.chocolate'. Being a big fan of fruit flavoured chocolates (especially blueberries and white chocolate!) I was never going to get this one past my mother who I drafted in especially to help me review this one. Just like the other two above this was the most perfect looking cake and looked stunning when cross-sectioned with it's clean cut glistening chocolate shell and ruby red compote filling just begging to be released. As we all know, I'm not great lover of white chocolate but even I appreciated the subtly of the milky vanilla flavours of the hefty Valrhona 35.0% coating. The chocolate was great, but this Hurry Bunny was all about the way the different components combined. The creaminess of the chocolate, the slight spice of the buttery cake and red fruit flavours of the blueberries made for the most sensational taste. The mouth feel created by the sticky, cool tempered jam compote was just another bonus within what was all round a sensational cake. Suffice to say Mummy ChocolateMission was rather pleased with this one and gave it a massive thumbs up :D

8.9 out of 10


Overall these were another very fine selection of cakes from Lucky's that I whole heartedly recommend. The feedback left from people in my last Lucky's review was that they were over expensive, and though I can't disagree that they are very, very dear, I believe that as a one off treat you can't find a more unique cake experience than what these have to offer. It's worth remembering that Lucky's don't position themselves as an everyday cake brand and thank heavens they don't - we have enough of them already. Lucky's want to be known for luxury, and judging by these cakes I can't deny them that.
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