June 4th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 75 - Hotel Chocolat 'For My Daddy'


Hi All,

It should be a hot one this weekend so I'm going to keep this update short and sweet so we can all go play in the sun :D

The reviews all seemed to go down well this week - if you haven't checked out the reviews I suggest you head to the links supplied below:

Hotel Chocolat Knickerbocker Glory Neapolitan - See HERE
William Curley House Dark 70% / White - See HERE
Cadbury Flake Allure - See HERE

The Cadbury Flake Allure certainly attracted a lot of feedback and thoughts from you all :D If you haven't had your say be sure to stop by the review and leave your thoughts.

Reviews next week will include Hotel Chocolat, Bits n Bobs and hopefully Ritter Sport after they were delayed this week! I'm off now to enjoy the sun :D I suggest you do so to after getting your ChocolateMission fill of course!!


SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week

Get this date in the diaries! The 19th of June is Father's Day here in the UK and Hotel Chocolat have ensured I'm ready to arm all you loving and caring Sons and daughters with the finest chocolates available :D Indeed Hotel Chocolat thought it only right to send me a sample of their mini-selection box for Fathers Day this year - the Hotel Chocolat 'For My Daddy' collection. This small selection of eight chocolates is one of many Fathers Day offerings from Hotel Chocolat this year - I wont give you a full run down of what they have, but you can of course view everything they have to offer for 2011 by Clicking HERE.

As I mentioned I was given one of these 'For My Daddy' selections, which I of course had to sample myself in order to make sure it was fit for purpose for my old man :D :D The mini-selection included four different chocolates that you will recognise from previous reviews - Crispy Praline (Standard - See HERE), Orange Praline (Very Good - See HERE), Billionaire Shortbread (Superb - See HERE) and Mousse au Chocolat (Standard - See HERE). From my own perspective I thought this mixture could probably have opitmised by subsituting one of the pralines for an alcohol filled option such as the Whiskey Hot Shots, but that small build aside I thought it was a nicely presented little package that I believe will go down well with many an appreciative Father. I just wish my own old man didn't do my Hotel Chocolat photography for me - if anything he just thinks its 'run of the mill' these days :D I'm sure 99.9% of the population wont be having this problem :D Recommended!

7.2 out of 10

Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat


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