July 13th: Ritter Sport Thank You + Competition Winner


Last week I reviewed one of Ritter Sport's latest creations their reader devised Cookies & Cream bar (See HERE). Within that review I gave all you ChocolateMission readers the opportunity of trying the bar for yourselves with the launch of a Twitter based competition to guess which of the three consumer designed wrappers I thought was best.

Well one week on I can reveal that the winner is @Ste_Collins who correctly guessed that I thought wrapper number 1 (pictured below) was my favourite. I have to say it was a close run thing between that one and number 3 (the chequered chef one!), but in the end I preferred the less busy, simple design of the first.

Thanks ever so much for all the entries - keep an eye on the Twitter feed (HERE) for future competitions.

On to the review today ....

Kcal 563 Fat 38.0g Carbs 47.0g (per 100.0g)

The review today will be short and succinct what with the announcement of the competition winner. Another reason for this being relatively brief is because there isn't much to say :D This Ritter Sport Thank You chocolate is a recently released offering that has snuck in the back door whilst the Summer 2011 and Cookies & Cream bars have taken centre stage.

This 'Thank You' chocolate is the newest addition to Ritter's 250.0g range and has been designed for the occasions where 'you want to say thank you to a loved one' .... awwww isn't that cute :D The milk chocolate came packaged in a rather gaudy looking multi-coloured wrapper that I personally didn't think looked all that great (sorry I prefer the plainer designs - boring Jim!!). So what was supposed to be so special about this chocolate? Well it was 40.0% milk chocolate that had been 'enriched with Trinatiro cocoa' of course haha!! Laugh I may, however it was actually very nice and like their 35.0% milk chocolate I reviewed a year or so ago, a noticeable improvement from their rather more generic standard milk chocolate. No doubt aided by it's thicker melting texture, the cocoa flavours were just more forthcoming and tasted deeper layered with rich milk and honey notes all coming to the fore.

Overall this was a better than average milk chocolate, and would be a bar I would gratefully receive or gift in the instance where a good old 'Thank You' is in order for someone with plainer tastes. It wont light your world on fire, nor does it look as special as a box of chocolates from someone like Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat. As a standalone milk chocolate though it's a decent offering from Ritter Sport.

8.0 out of 10