July 15th: 'Bits n Bobs' British Chocolate Biscuit Classics

This post was inevitable the moment I broke my initial promise of never reviewing any chocolate biscuits or cookies on the site. As I have never been one for being all that mad keen on biscuits, my plans in the early days of ChocolateMission were to leave reviews like this to the biscuit reviewers of the blogosphere (See HERE). Since my 'Bits n Bobs' posts started however, the amount of readers commenting and requesting I review some of the UK's classic chocolate biscuits has frankly got too much. Excuses over with :D I today bring you my reviews of the British cult classics - McVitie's Chocolate Hobnobs, McVitie's Chocolate Digestives and of course Bourbon Creams.


McVitie's Mini Chocolate Digestives
Kcal 199 Fat 9.9g Fat(sats) 5.1g Carbs 24.8g (per bag)
'Mini wheatmeal biscuits topped with milk chocolate'

How on earth do you introduce a biscuit like the McVitie's Chocolate Digestive? Answers on postcards please because I don't have a clue :D Digestive biscuits have been one of those products that have been around here in the UK since ... well ... forever (1876 if you believe Wikipedia - 1925 saw the first chocolate ones). Although mainly famed for their ability to be dunked in tea, for the review today I left tea out of the equation and bought a pack of Minis to enjoy as an afternoon snack. The thin chocolate layer on the upperside of the biscuit was thin in it's portioning, but just as with the Hobnobs reviewed below it was more than adequete at providing a chocolate flavour hit to each and every biscuit consumed. Despite the added chocolate context, the iconic brown sugar noted savoury wheat flavours were every bit as prominent and delicious. Comparing this biscuit to the others on show today, I would say the lighter viscosity and flavour impact of the Digestive isn't quite as satisfying as a total product. Non-UK ChocolateMission readers will certainly still be wanting to try these out though.

7.6 out of 10


Bourbon Creams
Kcal 67 Fat 3.0 Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 9.3g (per biscuit)
'Sandwich biscuits filled with chocolate flavour cream'

Acting as the middle part of our McVitie's sandwich today we have the UK family favourite the Bourbon Cream. If Wiki be believed again, I believe this biscuit was first produced in 1910 (originally under the name Creola), thus it is slightly younger than the grandad of this selection the Digestive. Nowadays Bourbon biscuits/creams are produced by several different companies, all of which make identical products. For the review today I picked up a pack produced by Crawford's in my local shop, a bargain at £0.49 a pack (I thought so anyway). Three of these biscuits roughly equated to the McVitie's Mini bags I reviewed for the other mini reviews, so it is of this basis that I make the following comments. Despite not being contained in a foil wrapping, the biscuits managed a good crisp texture and I loved the contrastive mouth feel created by the sandwich crunchiness and smooth inner cream. The outer biscuit portions were predominantly buttery and sugar led in taste, but the revelation of the cream delivered the desired the sweet chocolate flavour hit. I wouldn't rate the overall taste as high as either of the McVitie's options, but an advantage this biscuit has over them is that also brings the fun factor of splitting the biscuit apart without any breakages :D This is a fantastic chocolate biscuit.

7.7 out of 10


McVitie's Mini Chocolate Hobnobs
Kcal 194 Fat 9.4g Fat(sats) 4.7g Carbs 24.6g (per bag)
'Mini oat and wheat biscuits topped with milk chocolate'

Hobnobs have forever been a permanent fixture in our family household since I can remember, mainly due to them being the choice of biscuit of my old man. Just the thought of our family biscuit tin running out of Hobnobs is enough to send shivers down my spine - never under any circumstances do you want to be caught nabbing the last one :D For my own safety I chose to buy a bag of Mini Chocolate Hobnobs for the purpose of this review. This bag contained about 15-20 perfectly bitesized mini biscuits that were kept fresh smelling and in good condition thanks to the foil bag in which they came packaged. Placing the thin layer of chocolate face down on my tongue I first let the sweet tasting chocolate melt away taking in the pleasantries of the soft solid to liquid transition and the sweet tasting chocolatey cocoa flavours. Then munching on the core biscuit portion, the fine crunch delivered a variety of delicious brown sugar noted wheat and oat flavours. In comparison to the other biscuits the taste was just a tad saltier, and the texture just a bit more viscous. From a personal point of view I would say it was these two attributes that make Chocolate Hobnobs the superior biscuits, and most certainly my pick out of the three.

8.4 out of 10


So there you have it ChocolateMission readers. Chocolate Hobnobs are my favourites out of these fantastic chocolate biscuits but what about you guys? Let me know what you think!