July 16th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 80 - Lucky Charms Chocolate


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Another week has flown by here on ChocolateMission, I hope you everyone has enjoyed the reviews that have been and gone. If you missed out on any of them this week be sure to check them out here:

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SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week Kcal 122 Fat 1.1g Fat(sats) 0.2g Carbs 24.9g (per 30.0g)
'Chocolate flavour cereal with marshmallow pieces'

Last week I mentioned that my pals at AmericanSoda had recently sent me through some fantastic American goodies for me to try out. Last week I started off by swapping my usual breakfast for these Kellogg's Chocolate Cookie Dough flavoured Pop Tarts (See HERE). This week my usual bran flakes cereal was put aside again - as I got stuck into these General Mills Lucky Charms Chocolate.

For all my readers who live outside the US I can let Wiki inform you that 'Lucky Charms is a brand of cereal produced by the General Mills food company. It first appeared in stores in 1964, and consists of two main components: toasted oat-based pieces and multi-colored marshmallow bits (marbits) in various shapes' ... suffice to say this is THE kids cereal of all kids cereal in the US. So what did I make of them!??? Well like a lot of cereals I've tried like this one, I found Lucky Charms chocolate tasted just fine but ultimately failed in satisfying my hunger. Frankly this came as little surprise, though I must admit I found the chocolatey cereal taste and sweet marshmallows more of a guilty pleasure than I first thought I would. In the future I don't think I would buy or eat these on their own, but mixing some in with another more substantial cereal will definitely be something I do from time-to-time to give my breakfast a little perk up.

6.6 out of 10

You can buy these HERE at AmericanSoda


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