July 1st: Zotter Peanuts & Ketchup

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

After showcasing the famous Zotter Chocco Shot to you guys a few months ago, I thought there might no longer be anything from these people that I could really shock you with. Whilst I might never be able to get that sort of reaction from you guys again, what can I do is try cover off some of your Zotter requests. This Zotter Peanuts & Ketchup bar has been one that been sat on the ChocolateMission requests page for nearly two years now. I have to admit whilst I love fulfilling all reader review requests, this was not one that I went out of my way to track down, and had it not been for the kind people at Zotter it would probably be one to remain their a while longer :D What can I say!? Chocolate, Peanuts & Ketchup?? Oh come on surely not - this had to be disgusting!?

After my brief flirtation with Zotter's chocolate injectors (See HERE) it was very much back to the more conformitive handscooped format today, with this bar coming in a 70.0g form. The presentation to me was impressive with the American themed wrapper a sensible choice given the flavouring of the inner filling. As you can see in my cross-section picture above, the bar was beautifully devised into three distinct looking layers with the dark chocolate shell exterior sandwiching the distinct looking peanut and ketchup layers in the middle. The initial fragrances emanating from the sleek golden wrapper confines were largely cocoa led, though more subtle roasted nut and fruity scents could be detected upon closer inspection.

Before tasting the bar it did cross my mind to look at the ingredients list to check to see how the ketchup and peanuts experience was intended to be delivered, but that just wouldn't of been fun would it :D Indeed, I tasted this blind without looking at it, and I was left with mixed feelings once I had done so. Anyone who has read any of my previous Zotter reviews will be well aware how much I rate their chocolate, so it will come as little surprise to you that I loved every last bit of the beautifully balanced 70% dark that coated this bar. The unsweetened, coffee noted cocoa flavours were a nice initial lead in to the peanutty element that came to the party next. The peanut layer brought a great roasted nut element to the taste, bringing a savoury edge that had a nice touch of salt. Sat below this smooth peanut bit, the mouth feel was somewhat changed in the latter stages of the melt with the arrival of the ketchup constituents. This layer was drier, and more crumbly in texture, and brought a sweet twist to the flavour development. This sweetness came off as more of a slightly oddish fruity taste rather than a pure tomato one, and for my money it wasn't entirely desirable. Ultimately I didn't think the tomato development was a spoiler in any sense, but in my opinion it was neither an enhancer to the experience.

Overall this was a hard bar for me to score as it did so many things correctly, but just wasn't entirely to my liking. I'm sure you have gathered that the dark chocolate and peanut layers were both simply exquisite, and it was both of these two things that made me come back for more with the end of each mouthful. Whilst I would love this to be one of those Zotter reviews where the weired ingredient comes good, I unfortunately cant make a case for the ketchup here. As I have alluded to above, it wasn't in any way repulsive, but neither did I feel like it contributed positively. One nagging feeling that I had in the back of my head throughout was that I wanted it to provide a truer, fruitier twist to the taste - I think my brain wanted Peanut Butter & Jelly, yet was getting confused with the Peanuts & Ketchup. As with every Zotter bar I can recommend this one with the caveat that it is great if you are looking for a unique chocolate flavour experience. As for it being a great tasting chocolate!? Hmmm sorry - the jurys still out for me on this one. It was fun, but just not particularly great tasting.

6.8 out of 10