July 6th: Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream + Competition

Listen up ChocolateMission readers!! Today you not only get a brand spanking new review of the latest Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream bar, but you also get the opportunity to enter a prize drawing to try it your very self!!

This Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream has been long in development and was created off the back of a 'Create your own flavour of Ritter Sport' competition that ran in Germany early this year. As part of the competition, Ritter also asked their fans to create packaging designs for the wrappers - and the three winning bars are displayed throughout below. All you have to do today is to pick your favourite out of the three, and hope it matches my own!! :D ... simple eh!? All you have to do to enter is to start following me on Twitter and to send a tweet to @ChocMission with your answer and a '#competition' I will announce the winners in the next '7Days of Chocolate Reviews Post' .... shall I talk chocolate now :D

This latest offering slots into Ritter's existing range of 100.0g bars and comes described as 'white chocolate filled with a vanilla cream filling with pieces of chocolate cookie' - yumtastic I thought!

As you can see above the chocolate looked attractive on the eye, and as ever the filling appeared plentiful sandwiched between the outer clean cut white chocolate. After allowing for a brief cooling time in the fridge, myself and the rest of my family split the bar into four-by-four quadrants and tucked in with high expectations. After consuming our servings, thoughts were then shared, and our opinions were oddly unanimous. We all thought the mouth feel of the chocolate was sensational with the crisp out chocolate playing off nicely with cooling sensation brought to the party by the softer inner filling that was lined with crunchy cookies pieces. The taste was concluded to be pleasant, but not all that engaging with the vanilla and sugar flavours proving to be more one dimensional than expected. It must be reiterated that the sweet milky bourbon taste was liked all well round, but I think more was expected from the cookie element which didn't provide much in the way of flavour.

Overall the general consensus behind this chocolate was that it was enjoyable, yet could of been better. It was one of those chocolates that you could happily eat all day long without getting much satisfaction from it. From a personal point of view I thought it needed more of a flavour input from the cookie pieces to give the taste an extra dimension. It wasn't far off being an exceptional chocolate, however it's lack of depth in the taste and subsequent satisfaction credentials have left it more of a mediocre chocolate offering. Who cares what we say though eh!? Get yourself in the mix to see if you are lucky enough to try it yourself by entering the competition above.

7.6 out of 10