August 17th: 'Bits n Bobs' Chocolate Cakes, Biscuits, & Brownies

Here a few random 'Bits n Bobs' that I have eaten over the last few months and felt compelled to give a ChocolateMission rating. For those new to the 'Bits n Bobs' format, let me inform you that these posts contain multiple, short snappy product reviews. Be sure to let me know whether you agree/disagree with any of the ratings I've dished out.


Jacob's Club Chocolate Cake Bars - Kcal 98 Fat 5.2g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 11.7g
'Moist sponge cake with a chocolate flavoured cream, covered in smooth chocolate'

"If you like a lot of chocolate on your cake bar" .... then don't buy Jacob's Club Chocolate Cake Bars :D Haha I don't think Jacob's will ever be using that line on any further media communication but it was sadly the reality of the situation.

I bought these cake bars from a OneStop convenience store priced on a £1.00 promotional deal for a pack of ten. I guess you could say the price was pretty much the only thing these had going for them, however retrospectively thinking I would have much rather have spent £1.00 on several other of the round pound deals going on in store. So what was wrong with them!? The outer chocolate was flimsy, thin and poorly flavoured just like the inner sponger and chocolate cream layers. The sponge was especially disappointing with it's light as air texture and relative tastelessness. The chocolate cream took the highly sugary milk flavours of the outer chocolate and failed to do anything with them in a way of taste progression. I would avoid if I were you.

4.6 out of 10


GU Brownie - Kcal 178 Fat 10.7g Fat(sats) 5.7g Carbs 20.0g (2/3rds of a brownie)
'Chocolate brownie with pecan nuts'

This was always going to be more of a FYI (for your information) post rather than a whole new product review - those of you with long term memories may recall my reviewing GU Brownies back in September (See HERE).

I thought you guys ought to be made aware that these brownies are now available in 60.0g individual packs, this one cost me £1.00 in Sainsbury's. Taste wise this was unsurprisingly exactly as it was all those months ago with the dark chocolate cakey, doughy base nice complimented by the buttery nutty goodness of the inner pecans. What with this brownie being 60.0g in size the whole thing was very rich to eat in the single sitting. This was a feat I didn't quite manage and consumed it by nibbling away at it throughout a working day on my desk. Like I said before, this isn't the best brownie in the world but If you like them it's a decent option as a quick fix.

7.8 out of 10


McVitie's Temptations Belgian Milk Chocolate Praline - Kcal 50 Fat 2.8g Fat(sats) 1.3g Carbs 5.8g (per biscuit)
'Bite sized biscuits topped with hazelnut and chocolate cream, covered in Belgian milk chocolate'

Working in a busy office environment the turnover of biscuits can reach extraordinary levels and there is always a wide variety on offer in our tea making area. One of the more commonly featuring biscuits these past few weeks have been these new McVitie's Temptations - unsurprising given they are currently being heavily promoted at the magic £1.00 a pack biscuit introductory offer pretty much everywhere.

For the review today I thought I would feature this praline variant as it was the one I was hearing most positive things about. Although I should have probably guessed from the nutritional information and on-pack description, I was really quite surprised at just how small each biscuit was. To me it made no sense packaging them in twos - these alone wouldn't settle the smallest of stomach rumbles. These grumblings about the size are probably more frustrating as they actually taste rather nice. Although the presence of the hazelnut in the chocolate made the chocolate a little slimey and waxy feeling in the mouth, it tasted pleasant and the woody nuty influence of the nuts were complimentary of the sugary cocoa flavours. What with the biscuit being nice and buttery I really couldn't complain about the level of flavour creation despite the small size. I would happily say give them a try if they tickle your fancy.

7.1 out of 10


The Fabulous Bakin' Boys Coconut Star - Kcal 320 Fat 16.1g Fat(sats) 15.0g Carbs 41.1g
'Star shaped chocolate and coconut flavoured macaroon'

This was one hefty cake I tell you! I'm not too sure of the actual catch-weight of the thing, but to say it felt heavy in hand would be somewhat understating the matter. You may also wish to take note of the saturated fat content stated above - yes indeed those NI values are for just one cake and that is no typo! I'm not one for usually caring too much about these things but at 15.0g of saturated fat for a single cake I wouldn't promote these being a 'one-a-day' snack :D

On to more important matters - the taste. It's a delight for me to report that when I ate this cake alongside a hot chocolate late at night I loved every bite of it. I've had a few hit-and-miss flirtations with the FBB range, but these Coconut Stars get a ChocolateMission thumbs up. The cake base was very dense and perhaps a little on the dry side on the outer crust, however the inner portion was a delightful treat of moist cakey coconut flavours. Despite the chocolate drizzle appearing to be criminally thin, the sheepish looking underside coating was surprisingly forthcoming in with it's unsweetened chocolatey flavours and counter balanced the sweet, sugary coconut inner contents rather splendidly. Coconut treats are few and far between here in the UK - this is a nice option for those that enjoy them.

7.6 out of 10