August 22nd: Hotel Chocolat Coffee Truffles

It's Monday so we all know what that means! Yes indeed the 'spotlight' is back on Hotel Chocolat - apologies I know it's too early in the week for cheesey puns :D Dipping in to the new 'Spotlight On' range again, today I'm posting my review of these Coffee Truffles. I'm starting to think Hotel Chocolat may have just designed this new line of boxed chocolates entirely around my own favourite flavour combinations, as they have managed to cover off my two favourite ones in what is only a line consisting of eight variants. The Salted Caramels I tried a few weeks ago were flawlessly executed - I was expecting similar things here.

As I mentioned in the last 'Spotlight On' review the range is line priced at £13.00 a box. These truffles were formatted a little differently to the Salted Caramels as they came in a 165.0g box consisting of 14 truffles. Suffice to say, between myself and my Old Man this was more than enough for us to spread our taste testing over a week - generally consuming them alongside our post meal coffees. In fear of me boring you all with my repetition, I needn't say anything more about the packaging and presentation other than it was again heralded as mega classy by one and all.

These truffles came described as 'Cappuccino balanced with the flavours of deep tasting, super smooth, milk chocolate truffle'. On the face of things they looked a lot like some of the chocolates from previous Hotel Chocolat selections. In terms of aromas these truffles emanated strong roasted coffee scents as soon as they outer cellophane wrapper was removed - boy did they smell sensational. Each piece was suitably edible in two bites - best served from the fridge. The outer chocolate was a bit of a halfway house between dark and milk - I would hazard a guess at a 50.0% cocoa recipe!? Whatever, it created a delightful cracking sound when bitten in to and then proceeded to melt like a dream when left on the tongue before transitioning to the even softer filling which lay inside. Flavour wise the coffee element was evident from the outset, with a strong roasted bean influence beautifully combining with the rich, fresh tasting cocoa flavours immediately. The inner filling did little to progress the taste aside from adding supplementary cream tones, though it's sensational mouth feel creation was not to be denied - glorious.

Overall I was expecting great things from Hotel Chocolat again and I thankfully wasn't denied. These truffles were both delicious and satisfying - you can't really ask for anything more than that. The chocolate was unsurprisingly of an outstanding quality, whilst the coffee element was integrated seamlessly to create flowing smooth truffle experience. For my taste the coffee influence was just about the perfect strength - a little richer than your average cappuccino/latte experience but not overly so like an excessive espresso shot which undoubtedly would have masked the contribution of the chocolate. With this americano like coffee strength, this ultimately made for some of the best tasting coffee chocolates I've tried. I can't recommend them enough to fans of this particular flavour genre. Another gold star for the book of Hotel Chocolat.

9.2 out of 10