August 24th: Lindt Lindor Milk

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Having now tried every Lindt Lindor truffle flavour under the sun, yesterday I thought it was about time to try the bar version of the range. Indeed I found this Lindt Lindor Milk chocolate tablet in my local Sainsburys for the sum of £1.99 making it a more economical option versus the small packets of truffles you usually get for 99p. On the packaging this bar was described as 'milk chocolate with a smooth-melting filling' and it certainly had high standards to live up to considering the original Lindt Lindor truffles scored a pretty hefty 8.5 out of 10 - for links to all my Lindor reviews See HERE.

This product came in a 150.0g tablet that was sectioned in to 24 seperate blocks in a 3x8 format. When you think of Lindt chocolates bars I guess the first thing that springs to mind is the Excellence selection which is traditionally presented in sophisticated looking black and white packaging. Well Lindt chose to do things a little differently here and as you can see above this Lindor bar was wrapped in a brighter looking red packet with white coloured trim. Personally I thought it still looked pretty smart and I was glad to see that the inner chocolate was familiar looking with the Lindt logo branded across all of the blocks. In regards to smell the chocolate I must admit the chocolate wasn't quite as strong or distinctive smelling as previous Lindt offerings though there were still pleasant enough sweet dairy suggestions.

If I had rated this bar on the first few blocks I tried I would probably have scored it far worse as it took a few helpings before I really felt like I was tasting a chocolate anywhere near Lindt's usual quality. Elaborating on this further my initial reaction to the very first few blocks I tried was that this was a very fast melting chocolate that didn't offer up a great deal of flavour. Indeed just like the Lindor truffles the centre filling of the blocks was extremely smooth and fast melting on the tongue, however unlike the centre of Lindor truffles it offered up little or nothing in terms of flavour. Thankfully the more blocks of this I ate the more I felt like I was getting from the outer milk chocolate, and I did eventually feel like I was getting a fair degree of milky cocoa flavours. Admittedly these flavours were all too short lived for my liking and I quite easily ate 50.0g without taking a great deal of satisfaction from it. Personally I felt that this bar not only lacked the depth of flavour of the truffle equivalents but also the certain prestige factor that comes with the truffle format.

Overall I don't think it takes a genius to work out I was disappointed by this Lindt offering and it isn't often I say that now is it! This chocolate had one major issue and that was the fact that it offered up only a fraction of the flavour that the equivalent Lindor truffles do. Whilst it did have the same silky smooth feeling centre it failed to retain the same depth in taste and I just didn't feel that the cream flavours were as pronounced as you usually get with Lindt milk chocolate. To be honest I can't see a single reason why you would want to swap the usual Lindt Lindor Truffles for this blocked version. They simply don't look as good, don't taste as good and basically don't have that special truffle feel that you get in abundance with the originals. If someone offers you this bar as a present I wouldn't turn your nose up at it but at the same time I wouldn't go choosing it over the traditional Lindor truffles.

7.1 out of 10