August 29th: Mars Triple Choc (UK)

Kcal 233 Fat 9.0g Fat(sats) 4.6g Carbs 30.3g

Before I kick off the review today I have to give a big shout out to ChocolateMission reader Alan who's beady eyes found this Mars Triple Choc bar selling in his local store before Mars could even get their press release out (See HERE). Indeed Alan contacted me last week informing me of the launch of this new limited edition Mars Triple Choc bar. When I first heard the news I was pretty pleased considering we hadn't had any sort of 'new news' for our UK Mars bar for a very, very long time. The only real marketing adapatations we had seen in the last couple of years were the limited time 'England' wrappers which were made available during last years ill-fated world cup campaign :D I still believe they are trying to flog some of them off now haha!

This new Triple Choc variety comes in a 52.0g form that weighs just a little less than your average original Mars bar (58.0g). I have to admit the size difference was totally unnoticeable for me and I only realised there was a discrepancy when I started doing this write up. Suffice to say it is typical Mars though to pull a bit of a sneaky one making their limited editions smaller than the normal bars - they have been doing this for years on their Snickers brand. Aesthetically everything looked in order, with the sensibly coloured with a tri-brown colour scheme. The bar itself looked appeared very little different from usual, however the caramel was a noticeably darker in shade.

On the wrapper the bar came described as 'Tasty chocolate nougat and delicious chocolate caramel covered in thick milk chocolate'. Do you know what!? That's exactly what we got :D Getting straight to the point this bar differed very little aside from it's contribution of flavour from the chocolate caramel layer. The sweet milky Mars chocolate that coated the bar was it's all too familiar self and melted at a nice pace revealing the dual layer of nougat and caramel below. Just as consistently, the nougat at the base of the bar was dense in texture and established a nice pleasant malty chocolate flavour base for every mouthful. Portioned just the same as the usual caramel (27%), the chocolate caramel nicely moistened the potentially dry nougat and yielded with the same soft chew. In terms of flavours the layer was differentiated from the norm and had brought about more of a sweet syrupy taste rather than a toasted buttery salt licked focus. In terms of hunger fulfilment this Triple Choc offering did the same job as the standard bar, though I did find consuming the whole thing an experience that was verging on being a little sickly.

Overall this was bar that I enjoyed reviewing and I'm glad that Mars UK have made efforts to bring a little interest bar to one of their core bars. As you can see from the final score it didn't turn out to be a bar that I ultimately preferred over the original, however It was still more than pleasant and I would happily have one as a very close alternative if the standard bar were not available for any reason. My own personal preference for the original was driven out of the desire for the buttery saltness of the normal caramel. As a pairing with the sweet chocolate and nougat I think the standard golden caramel really takes some beating, and the sweeter tasting chocolate caramel here was just a little less to my liking. If you are a fan of the original Mars then this one well worth a try. I can't promise you will prefer it but it's always nice to give something new a go once and awhile.

8.7 out of 10