August 31st: Thorntons Bakewell Tart

Kcal 551 Fat 35.5g Fat(sats) 20.9g Carbs 47.2g (per 100.0g)

In true blink and you'll miss it style, Thorntons have been celebrating their 'Chocolate Jubilee' 100th birthday this year. Indeed for such an amazing feat they have gone about telling everyone in a very underwhelming fashion - as a marketeer I can't help but see the missed opportunity they had here! Anyway, as part of their understated celebrations they have been releasing a few limited editions to their square bars range - the latest being this Bakewell Tart flavour. I first tasted this chocolate back in February when I was the recipient of some pre-samples courtesty of of one of Thornton's' PR agencies. Ever since this time I'd been really looking forward to writing this review - Thorntons were on to something here!

As with all Thorntons limited editions this one came in a 80.0g size and it took me the best part of three sittings for me to finish it. Colour wise the packaging was all sensible and nice looking; Thorntons really are starting to run out of colours for these square bars though, they are going to have to repackage them soon if they are to avoid it starting to get confusing. The chocolate blocks themselves were styled in the usual block format though when broken apart there were tiny specs of red fruits and biscuits clearly visible.

The most immediately striking thing about this chocolate that I noticed both times I tried it was that the chocolates' aromas were very strong, and really set the Bakewell Tart flavour experience up nicely. The 37.0% cocoa milk chocolate at the heart of the bar was on the whole enjoyable in it's own right with it's honey noted milky flavours, however it really just acted as an unfussy 'carrier' chocolate for the Bakewell Tart elements. From the very first to the very last piece, it was the almond, biscuit and dried raspberry contents which dominated the taste and boy did they achieve the Bakewell Tart taste superbly. Quite frankly this was what a Bakewell Tart flavoured chocolate would taste like in it's ideal form - they couldn't have achieved the flavour creation they set out to make any better. There were elements of red berry fruit, buttery nut and even a pastry like flavour input that created a sensationally engaging and ever developing taste. On a minor note, texturally this bar wasn't ideal as the fruit seed particles from the dried raspberry created a bitty, unecessary roughness to the mouth feel. I'm sure some may think the contrary and that it adds to the authenticity to this fantastic tasting offering.

Overall this was a delicious chocolate that achieved it's proposed flavour expertly. As I stated above, if you ever wanted to create a chocolate that was Bakewell Tart flavoured, this is exactly how you would go about it. The Bakewell Tart experience was executed about as well as possible, with the only real drawback for me being the texture of the melt which at times was far from ideal with the rough feeling seeds. Looking over at Dom's review on Chocablog (See HERE) our thoughts on this chocolate were largely consistent so I'm quietly confident that my own displeasure at the seed issue isn't me being overly fussy. If we are talking purely taste I honestly can't recommend this chocolate enough - even more so if you are a fan of Bakewell Tarts generally. For all their failings communicating their 100 year birthday they haven't half created a delicious chocolate here.

8.4 out of 10