August 3rd: Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade

Kcal 567 Fat 36.7g Fat(sats) 22.5g Carbs 52.0g (per 100.0g)

I've been waiting to write this review for a fair while now as I first got to sample this bar right at the start of the year when I was asked for some feedback from the guys at Thorntons. This Cloudy Lemonade bar is one of the three limited editions being released this year by Thorntons who are celebrating their 100 years of chocolate production. First up in May we had the Thorntons Dark Chocolate with Rose (See HERE) - today it was the turn of the Cloudy Lemonade which came billed as 'Lemon flavoured white chocolate with popping candy'. This bar is now available in all Thorntons stores including their online one - See HERE.

This bar came in a 80.0g size and was packaged in the familiar Thorntons glossy square box format. The choice of colour (pastel yellow), was the obvious one for this bar, I'm starting to think Thorntons might want to redesign the packaging for this range - they are going to run out of colours soon enough aren't they :D Inside the chocolate was stored in a thin foil wrapper and was decorated and sub-sectioned in the familiar fashion consistent across this range. Aesthetically the bar had a nice complexion and there were visible pieces which looked like rice krispies dispersed throughout.

Previously when I've tried white chocolate and citrus combinations there have times when I have commented that they had smelt cheesey and nasty but this wasn't the case here. I didn't waste too much time taking in the smells on offer but the lemon element was fragrant enough to noticeable when the foil packet was undone. From the very first piece I tasted I noticed that the chocolate was ever so slightly different from my previous experience with it at the start of the year. Starting with the consistencies though, it was still a very tasty white chocolate, and it's smooth cream based vanilla noted flavours were the perfect foil for the sharper citrus lemon oil element. As aforementioned there was an unfortunate change from the initial version of this bar I tried. Disappointingly for my own preference Thorntons had dialled up the popping candy element, and had noticeably increased both the size and portioning of the horrible stuff. Unlike some other chocolates with it in before, it didn't 100.0% ruin the experience for me, but the crackling sensation at the back of my throat was really not welcome.

Overall although I was disappointed by the minor changes from the original bar I tried, I still found this to be a pretty good standard white chocolate. I've said this in many reviews before, but Thorntons for some reason seem to really know what they are doing when it comes to white chocolate. It's not my favourite chocolate type but as far as Thorntons go it's one of things I think they do best. This Cloudy Lemonade was no exception, and it was thoroughly enjoyable for it's smooth flowing creamy flavours. The lemon element was additionally well integrated and came off as both real tasting and balanced - it was just that damn annoying popping candy. I don't want to criticise too much as this is a point of personal preference rather than a glaring production error. If you think you can handle the popping sensation then I see little reason why this wouldn't be a thoroughly enjoyable chocolate for you.

7.2 out of 10