August 5th: 'Bits n Bobs' Chocolate Biscuits, Wafers & Cookies

It wouldn't be a full ChocolateMission week without a 'Bits n Bobs' post now would it!? There's no special theme today behind all of these, just a few reader requests that have popped up in the last few months. As ever the reviews are as concise and to the point as possible - please feel free to leave your own thoughts on any of these.


Tunnock's Dark Chocolate Caramel Wafer Biscuit
Kcal 137 Fat 5.4g Fat(sats) 3.4g Carbs 21.0g (per bar)

Despite Tunnock's products being some of the most iconic British confectionery around, its amazingly difficult sometimes to track some of them down. One Tunnocks product that had managed to allude me for a while were these Tunnock's Dark Chocolate Caramel Wafer Biscuits - I finally managed to happen across some whilst shopping in Waitrose last week. Tunnock's offerings seem to be one of the final few products in the chocolate biscuit/bar aisle that can command a price over £1.00 - I guess that is what having a heritage of over a hundred years buys you. The multipack of 8 bars I bought cost me £1.39 - I consumed these over the course of a week with a mid-afternoon tea/coffee. If I refer you back to my previous Tunnock's Milk Chocolate Caramel Wafer Biscuits review (See HERE), you will see that it was the chocolate that I felt let the bar down due to it's mild taste and thin portioning. Unfortunately this problem just seemed exasperated here, with the common issue of the dark chocolate being 'mass consumer friendly' (i.e. just less sweet, but with no cocoa flavour volume rise) as prevalent as in any other bar of recent memory. The caramel and wafer constituents still made for a tasty snack, but I would probably just choose the more forthcoming milky sweetness of the originals if I was presented with them both in the future.

7.2 out of 10

Butterkist Milk Chocolate Coated Toffee Popcorn
Kcal 505 Fat 25.0g Carbs 61.9g (per 100.0g)

I hadn't read anything in the trade about the release of these new Butterkist Milk Chocolate Coated Toffee Popcorn snack packs, but I found them in one of my local newsagents priced at a rather dear sounding £0.74. Usually I probably would have just let this sort of thing pass me by, but I couldn't help myself seeing how they matched up to a similar milk chocolate coated toffee popcorn product that I buy in Marks & Spencer from time-to-time. Aesthetically it struck me that the pieces were all very randomly sized and the chocolate coatings had very shiney surfaces. The glistening effect of the chocolate did sort of prepare me what to expect, but I was still ultimatelty disappointed to find that the chocolate was pretty poor quality and had a slow lethargic melt and waxy mouthfeel. The inner popcorn piece and toffee elements contributed more to the taste, however even they weren't as buttery or flavoursome as the M&S equivalents product. These weren't a disaster but I wouldn't advise going out your way to try them if I were you.

6.0 out of 10

Fox's Ambers
Kcal 65 Fat 3.0g Fat(sats) 1.7g Carbs 8.7g (per cookie)

Having been left feeling relatively unimpressed by the first flavour of these Fox's Ambers that I tried (Praline - See HERE), I don't know what quite compelled me to give another variant in the range a try. Well acutally I do - the £1.00 price was my cheap way out of providing the office with a pack of biscuits and it has to be said that the packaging at least gives an impression that these are half decent biscuits. The description of these original Fox's Ambers, 'Golden honeycomb biscuits, dipped in milk chocolate', promised less than the Praline variant, though this hardly enhanced my experience this time around. In truth these were almost identical in taste to the Praline cookies - if I were blindfolded and asked to tell one from the other I'm not confident at all that I could tell you which was which. Indeed, much like the Praline flavoured Ambers, these were just too sweet for my liking and the golden syrup element fusing the oat base just took over taste. Apologies but I can only offer the same conclusion as last time - these cookies aren't bad, but they certainly aren't anything special at all.

6.4 out of 10

Fox's Cookie Bars
Kcal 79 Fat 3.8g Fat(sats) 1.7g Carbs 10.0g (per bar)

Finishing off Bits & Bobs today we have a second offering from Fox's. These Cookie Bars were relaunched back in April and come billed as a 'fun, tasty, snack-sized twist on a traditional cookie'. The new ‘No Artificials’ message, highlighted on-pack, is supposed to be the new 'reason for purchase', however I was more attracted by the prospect of getting 10 bars for the lowly price of only £1.00 (on deal in my local OneStop). As you can likely determine from my photos above, these were a very simple, straight-up proposition in that they were literally milk chocolate chip cookies shaped into bar form. Packaging and presentation wise they relatively unspectacular, though at no point did I feel like this was a product trying to be anything but that. Indeed, these tasted average and satisfied me averagely - a functional snack if ever there was one. The basic wheat based cookie flavours were nothing special, neither were the crunchy cookie texture or mild flavour input from the chocolate chips. I can recommend them to Mum's looking for portion controlled, cheap snacking for their kid's packed lunches, but if you are after a great tasting snack you will need to search elsewhere.

6.2 out of 10