September 12th: Hotel Chocolat Go Bananas

Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Get out the tissues, today we have ourselves our last Hotel Chocolat review from their Summer 2011 collection. Luckily for you guys I have saved one of my favourites until last. From the off it was all to obvious that this Go Bananas slab had all the makings of a Hotel Chocolat classic and it certainly had my banana loving Mother excited at the prospect of trying it. The descriptor of 'milk chocolate and banana flavoured white chocolate' left little to the imagination and certainly didn't temper our sky high expectations.

You may have seen that Hotel Chocolat have treated me recently to some of their 500.0g slabs. This 'Go Bananas' offering came in the smaller 200.0g size, though it still came across as just visually impressive with some grand design work with it's swirled chocolate and yellow covered splodges. Again I had minor issues with the practicality of the breaking up of the slab, and it's non-fresh sealed paper based material, but hey, who am I kidding the chocolate lasted less that 48 hours once opened anyway.

So with it's milk and white chocolate split was this a story of two halves? Well no not really .... both were incredibly tasty :D You will see by my photo above that it was the 40.0% house milk that made up the slight 60:40 majority at least visually. This was perhaps slightly misleading as the yellow squiggles where also white chocolate so carried the banana flavouring across both chocolate types. In terms of taste and texture this slab was just fantastic, and exhibited some amazing real tasting fruity flavours within it's always delightful thick melt. The milk chocolate had a more cocoa focused flavour base versus the creamier, vanilla noted white. What was consistent across both chocolate types were the incredible banana flavours which were created by the small specs of dried banana and the flavourings present in the white chocolate. For a fruit flavoured chocolate it was surprisingly satisfying - that's not to say it didn't disappear in double quick time.

Overall Hotel Chocolat have managed to sign off the summer season with one of their best efforts with this 'Go Bananas' slab more than meeting expectations. Compared to some of the other offerings I've reviewed over the past few months this was one of the simpler in terms of proposition (See Cherry Pop HERE). I think it was this simplicity of just being banana flavoured milk and white chocolate that bore dividends - this wasn't one of those chocolates that needed the full bells and whistles. As I said above, both chocolate types were as tasty as each other, though I can see white chocolate fans really taking to the white with the dried banana crisps just that little bit more prevalent. It seems ridiculous I bother adding a recommendation sentence in here ... what the heck :D ... highly recommended with two thumbs up for you banana fans.

8.7 out of 10

Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat