September 16th: GU Chocolate Hazelnut Squares

Like many people I work in a busy office environment in a job where my day-to-day workings are changing at an ever gathering pace. One thing I can always count on however is that on any given weekday at roughly 4:00 pm in the afternoon it's tea time. At this point in the day the energy levels are enhanced with caffeine and normally a small sugary snack (well for me anyway!). This week I've been treating myself to a new range from GU puds - these 'Anytime' cakes.

The 'Anytime' cakes are essentially 'snack pack' portions of GU's 'Naughties' cakes range I have featured on ChocolateMission before (you will see the links below). I found these three variants in Tesco last week at £1.00 a pack, sitting next to the likes of Mr Kipling and the Cadbury cake bars etc. At that price I felt like the single serve packs (which claim to be for sole indulgence) were hitting a premium price point that some my find off putting - what do you guys think?

Below are links to my original reviews of both the Rocky Road and Millionaire Flapjacks flavours. They remained consistently good from the big tub formats, so it is the Hazelnut Chocolate Squares we will focus mainly on today.

GU Anytime Millionaire's Flapjacks - See HERE

GU Anytime Rocky Road - See HERE

GU Anytime Chocolate Hazelnut Squares
Kcal 270 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 31.0g (per 3 squares)

To my knowledge these Chocolate Hazelnut Squares are solely being made for this new 'Anytime' range so you wont be finding them in any of the larger tub formats like seen for the two variants above. On pack these came described as (surprise-surprise!) 'Chocolate hazelnut squares, sprinkled with crunchy hazelnut pieces'. I should have heeded this as a warning as when I opened the packet I was met with a mass exodus of tiny hazelnut fragments, most of which are still stuck in-between the keyboard keys of the laptop I'm using right now.

Following a brief clean up, one of the squares finally made it's way in to my mouth - a comfortable fit given it's perfect one mouthful size. Unfortunately I have to report what followed was a largely underwhelming experience, as taste wise these didn't deliver. Chocolate flavour hit wise, these were a more than adequate set of cakes. They seemed to bring a degree of rich chocolatey flavours to the party initially, however even these came across as limited latter on in the flavour development as a layer sugary chocolate caramel interjected with a generic sweet sugary flavour input. Forgetting that, what I found most disappointing about these cakes was the lack of presence of the hazelnut in the taste. Despite the smattering of hazelnuts adourning the top of the piece, neither the bottom layer of cake or upper coating of chocolate established any sort of nutty flavours. This ultimately left me feeling very underwhelmed by these supposed Chocolate Hazelnut Squares.

6.2 out of 10

Overall I would say the Millionaire's Flapjacks and Rocky Road cakes are just about there in terms of pulling off the £1.00 price point but as far as the Chocolate Hazelnut Squares go I would seriously reconsider your purchase before investing. Have any of you guys come across these yet? Thoughts and opinions are of course most welcome.