September 23rd: Snickers Hazelnut Slab

Kcal 272 Fat 14.4g Fat(sats) 4.6g Carbs 31.3g

I always say ChocolateMission readers are the best, and I have to pass my thanks on to yet another one of you for providing me with this bar for the review today. My gratitude must specifically go to dedicated reader Daisy, who was kind enough to send me a 'Christmas treat box' full of chocolate bars from her latest trip to a well known candy importer based in London. Within the selection of bars, Daisy managed to pick out a whole host of limited edition chocolates from all over world, some of which I hadn't even known existed. One of these very bars was the Snickers Hazelnut Slab, which is bar hailing from Australia. On the wrapper the bar came described as 'a pile of hazelnuts, chewy caramel and a slab of nougat, covered in chocolate', this was pretty much your standard Snickers, but with the peanuts replaced by hazelnuts.

Unlike the majority of limited edition Snickers products made in the US, this bar pulled no punches in terms of it's size, and came in a plentiful 53.0g form. In terms of the wrapper and presentation, the bar clearly communicated it's hazelnut theme with the aid of some on bold secondary branding and clear on-pack hazelnut pictures. Suffice to say it was differentiated enough from the standard Snickers, yet retained the brand essence by maintaining the clarity of the original Snickers logo (nice work Mars!). Peeling back the folds of the plastic wrapper, the first thing to come to my attention was that the usual peanutty smells were replaced by some more savoury hazelnut scents - it still smelt pretty appetising.

Once I had got my fix of the smells being offered, the next action I took was to cross-section the bar (see above!). At this point I was both pleased and somewhat disappointed, as the hazelnuts were plentiful, but were chopped into smaller pieces rather than integrated as wholenuts. Taking my first bite in to the bar the wonderful array textures were self evident with the crisp outer chocolate, chewy nougat, soft caramel and crunchy nut pieces creating a familiar Snickers mouth feel. Taste wise the milk chocolate, nougat and caramel elements were almost entirely comparable to any standard Snickers bar we get here in the UK i.e. there was nothing remarkable about any of them, but combined they made for one lovely synergy of toffee and vanilla noted, sweet milk chocolate tastes. In addition to this standard Snickers base, the hazelnuts also contributed nicely to each bite, adding a woody, nut flavours. Despite my initial concerns, the nuts still made a major influence on the taste despite their chopped nature - why did I ever worry eh? :D

Overall this was a nice variation on a cult classic, and it was certainly interesting to try. Being realistic, I don't think there is any variation or limited edition that Mars could ever release that would make me think that it was superior to the original. In my opinion I can't ever seeing there being another Snickers bar that can take on the gloriousness of the salty peanut and sweet caramel taste. Whilst the hazelnuts were certainly a welcome addition to this bar, I didn't feel that they were as tasty, or as complimentary to the other constituents as the normal peanuts. Whilst this may be the reality of the quality of this product vs the original, what must be considered is still how good this bar is on it's own merits. On the whole my experience with this Hazelnut Slab variation was nothing but positive - it looked great, smelt great, tasted great and satisfied my hunger fantastically. If you are a fan of the Mars Topic, this bar is almost identical to that one, but just with ten times the amount of hazelnuts. Although the reality is that it isn't as good as the original, I would still give it a ChocolateMission thumbs up, it's well worth a try if you ever see it.

8.6 out of 10