September 26th: Cadbury Mascots

Kcal 88 Fat 4.8g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 9.0g (per mascot)

We are going to start off this week with a short chocolate review and a mini rant :D As you may have gathered from both the title and the photos, the focus of today's post is on these new Cadbury Mascots chocolates. Cadbury are one of London's official partners for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games, so suffice to say I think we can all expect a barrage of these sort of products heading our way between now and next year. So far we have had to endure the rather tiresome Spots vs Stripes campaign, which in my opinion has failed to stimulate any great excitement despite significant investment (See HERE). Hoping to do a little better, these Cadbury Mascots are the first official Olympic offering from Cadbury - lets see what I made of them.

These 'aerated milk chocolate Mascots' come in packs of two that weigh around 32.0g each. Fundamentally the whole product concept is just the Cadbury Wishes remoulded and repackaged with an Olympic theme obviously applied. In regards to the quality of the presentation and packaging, everything was the usual Cadbury high standard with the matted foil wrapper well designed and decorated with it's kiddie friendly Mascot pictures. Speaking of the Mascots themselves they were well sized and the detail of each mould was impressive and attractive.

To get to what I'm sure you guys are well aware with haste I can confirm that the bubbly Cadbury Milk chocolate was exactly as expected with it quickly creating a sound chocolatey taste that was firmly rooted in sweet sugar, milk and cocoa. The bubbly texture at the centre of each mascot of course added interest in terms of mouth feel, however the Dairy Milk thickness wasn't quite there as one would expect given the usage of their secondary recipe. All-in-all I guess I would say these were just really middle of the road Cadbury offering - nothing to get overly excite about, neither nothing to turn your nose up at either. If you like Cadbury chocolate then you will like these - simple as!

7.6 out of 10

.... but hold it there!!! I've got a bone to pick ...

Funnily enough it's not with Cadbury! No, it's with the idiots who designed our friends here Wenlock and Mandeville. I mean come on! Who in their right mind sanctioned these characters as the official mascots!? The names are confusing and they look like ... well I best not say. I just cannot believe for one minute that these 'things' are going to be the face of our Olympic Games. The idea is to choose something the kids will love - take a look at this link HERE and tell me that not every single one of those mascots are a hundred times more adorable and loveable than Wenlock & Mandeville. Apologies for the rant, but it kills me that someone will have been paid a ridiculous amount of money to come up with these. If you want to really start me off then get me talking about the 2012 Olympic Logo :D Any opinions from you ChocolateMission readers?