September 2nd: Quality Street My Purple Bar

Kcal 208 Fat 11.2g Carbs 24.0g (per bar)

The week may be drawing to a close but I still have one last new limited edition product for you guys to take a look at. This Quality Street My Purple Bar was announced back in July (See HERE) with the Nestle spokesperson bodly stating the follwoing:
“With the launch of My Purple Bar, NestlĂ© Confectionery is giving retailers the chance to benefit from one of the most innovative launches of 2011. Scoring extremely highly when tested with consumers, this new and exciting chocolate single comes from the mega brand Quality Street.” I wasn't sure about the 'most innovative' comment, though when I put my mind to it I couldn't think of a mass produced bar currently on the UK marketplace combining these three ingredients (surprising huh!?).

This bar weighed at a catch-weight 40.0g and came in an easily divisible 4 block format. My photograph above probably hasn't done this all justice but this was one really well presented product. I was very impressed with the wrapper especially - it was simple, yet did what it needed to do superbly. The branding was prominent and had nice stand-out with it's swish font style, whilst the purple foil material did a dual job of looking aesthetically relevant and also keeping the contents fresh. Big thumbs up to Nestle for this here.

For those unaware the 'Purple one' in traditional Quality Street refers to a milk chocolate that contains caramel and hazelnut - this was exactly what was on offer here. Pre-empting free flowing oozing caramel I first chilled the bar in the refrigerator to ensure that such circumstances were avoided. Breaking the bar into it's four pieces, I liked the way it had been constructed as it carried through a sense of familiarity with the shape of the blocks. Normally in a case like this I would de-construct the taste by it's three different components. Unfortunately I have the displeasure of just being able to summarise them all by saying the collectively made for a very heavy sugar led taste that had a disappointing level of mild nuttiness to it. The milk chocolate shells were noticeably lacking chocolatey flavours and the caramel innards were almost devoid of any of the desired butter and toffee notes. The hazelnut pieces inside weren't exactly sparsely portioned, but as stated already they were lacking in flavour and didn't bring to the party what they should of.

Overall this bar just simply didn't fulfil the needs I wanted it to, and ultimately I was left feeling disappointed by it. As I aforementioned there wasn't one single constituent that let this bar down especially, it was just the fact that all three of the milk chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts weren't half as flavoursome or contributive as they should have been. Being an old bugger :D all I could think about when trying this bar was how much so Cadbury need to bring back the Cadbury Nuts about Caramel bar that they used to produce (See HERE). That bar there was one that I never understood why Cadbury took out of their portfolio - I would be interested to hear from anyone of you if you would similarly like to see it's return. Back to the matter at hand, at £0.65 you aren't going to break the bank giving this one a try. I unfortunately have to close with the conclusion that I wouldn't recommend it based on taste though.

6.4 out of 10