September 7th: Ritter Sport Milch + Weizenpops

Kcal 576 Fat 38.0g Carbs 52.0g (per 100.0g)

I did tell you all I could have filled last weeks 'New product' review slots with several other alternatives! Carrying on our trend of chocolatey innovations, today we have another offering from our German pals Ritter Sport, who have recently released another two new bars to their range that fall outside of their seasonal limited editions i.e. two new permanent offerings! The first one which I'm reviewing today is this Ritter Sport Milch + Weizenpops ... hold that comment or e-mail asking me what that means :D ... it translates as Ritter Sport Milk & Wheat Puffs.

This new Milch + Weizenpops is the latest addition to the 250.0g range that is now made up of seven different offerings. The yellow colour packaging was only a slightly paler shade of yellow than the Cornflakes bar, though the branding and on-pack pictures were enough to differentiate it. The 6x6 blocked grid was easy to break up and the chocolate looked immensely appetising with the filling appearing even more plentiful that normal with the cream coloured centre clearly studded with the wheat puff cereal throughout.

The back of the wrapper described this bar as 'milk chocolate filled with a soft milk cream, sweet crisp wheat and hazelnuts'. The nut content wasn't something I was expecting, but it was a welcome surprise and as I will go into it was more than a welcome addition. Starting with the milk chocolate, it delivered on all expectations, bringing a full bodied sweet chocolatey flavour base. The filling inside was very much as described and had a softer, crumblier texture whilst reinforcing the dairy centred flavours established by the chocolate. On their own, the wheat puffs may have tasted a little plain and thus been meaningless, however the small fragments of nuts brought a tasty woody savoury flavour note to the party, and this contrasted nicely with the sweeter creme and chocolate elements. Despite it's 250.0g size this was unfortunately one of those Ritter bars that was almost impossible to stop eating - you'll be surprised at the rate you make your way through it.

Overall the Ritter range is becoming so large and with it consisting of so many high quality offerings it seems all to easy to just dismiss this as another 'run-of-the-mill' offering. If one were to cast aside all that had gone before however, and view it as an independent chocolate in it's own right, then it would have to be seen as a very tasty offering that does a good job combining chocolate, milk and cereal. Some may argue that this is one of the plainer tasting Ritter's out there, but I would counter that by saying that the contrasting sweetness of the chocolate is great paired with the cereal and nuts - trust me it will keep coming back for more. Would I buy it again? Perhaps not for myself, but as a 'safe' option for someone I know has plainer tastes I think this would be a great chocolate.

8.2 out of 10