October 15th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 90 - Corny Big Chocolate-Banana


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SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the weekCorny Big Chocolate-Banana
Kcal 212 Fat 7.6g Carbs 32.8g

I'm always saying ChocolateMission readers are the best on the net and further evidence of this was supplied to me once again by JCM friend and frequent contributor Thea. Indeed, Thea has recently been most kind to send me over a package containing a selection of Hungarian chocolates for me to review. In the midst of all those chocolates, Thea also included this German cereal bar made by a company called Hero, the Corny Big Chocolate Banana.

Now I've reviewed and eaten many a cereal bar in my lifetime but this one proved to be a real delight. Out it's packet the cereal bar didn't appear all that special, though it had a pungent sweet, artifical banana smell that reminded me of the banana foam sweets I used to buy as a kid. At first I didn't find this bar all that spectacular, but the more I ate, the more I enjoyed it, and the dried banana pieces which had congregated mostly near the centre of the bar provided a delicious, real tasting banana fruityness to the museli cereal base. Whatsmore the chocolate fusing underside actually provided a sufficent chocolate hit for each mouthful - how often can you say that about cereal bars that have chocolate involved. Cereal bars can often be ... well ... boring, this one wasn't, and I would buy it often if I could.

8.3 out of 10

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