October 24th: Hotel Chocolat Horrif-Eyes

Delivered chocolate gifts from Hotel ChocolatHave you seen the Hotel Chocolat Halloween line up this year? SEE HERE
Just as promised from my weekend post I today continue our countdown to Halloween with another offering from the Hotel Chocolat Halloween 2011 range. After starting off with the rather plain (yet very cool looking Hotel Chocolat Yumpkin - See HERE), I thought I better shake things up with one of the more exciting looking new products to the range this year - I introduce you to the Hotel Chocolat Horif-Eyes. When looking over the brochure for this years range, these Horif-Eyes stood out as one the cooler looking new additions, and the sound of 'sticky toffee sauce in a white chocolate shell' sounded like it would be right up my street.

Weighing a total of 80.0g the package arrived inclusive of six large sized (two bite minimal!) truffles. Looking at the packaging and product from the outside I thought it had a cool look and liked the clever use of the chocolates to create the weird looking eyes that stared out from the box. Whilst that effect created a talking point and a topic of discussion, I found the use of the standard truffle cube shapes puzzling and a tad uninspired considering the potential of what they could have done - make sure you send me your ideas :D

Disappointment at the lacking themed shapes of these truffles was forgotton instantly once taste testing commenced - I believe the phrase used was "forget what they look like, these are delicious". Those words were spoken by the 'old man' whislt doing the photography (and sampling - hard job eh!?) and he is a long time toffee fan. At first I was surprised by his reaction as I expected him to comment that they were too sweet; once I tasted one myself a minute later I soon realised that this was Hotel Chocolat white chocolate we had here - not Cadbury Dream haha :D Indeed rather than a barrage of sugary flavours being offered, the taste was led into a creamy milk rooted direction with an undertone of vanilla bourbon making for a light, yet definitive base. At the heart of each truffle the real treat of the sticky toffee sauce lay in wait, and boy did it give the most sensational mouthfeel with it's viscous, soft as silk texture. The toffee element flavour wise added influences of butter, salt and further creamyness wrapped in a brown sugar base - it brought a real smile to my face!

Overall I think the 'old man' summed it up perfectly with his conclusion of these being 'delicious'. A sceptic (*ahem* not me *ahem*) may have thought the sound of white chocoalte and a sugar based filling may have be excessivelly sweet, but the combination here was very well put together. Being the all time perfectionist, I would have liked the chocolates to have been themed more towards the 'Horif-Eyes' billing, especially considering how cool they made the outer packaging look with the truffle stare effect. If they were going whole-hog Halloween they might have also flirted with the idea of adding a touch of spiced apple, which I think could have enhanced the variety of flavours to an even grander level. Lets not worry about those minor points though, these were brilliant and I give them a big thumbs and ChocolateMission recommendation.

8.8 out 10