October 26th: 'Bits n Bobs' - Halloween Special 2011

Right you ghoulish guys and girls - it's time for the Jim's ChocolateMission 'Bits n Bobs' Halloween Special 2011! What on earth does that mean!? Nothing on your part you will be glad to hear :D All the effort of eating and photographing all these Halloween themed confectionery treats has been done by your's truly. I hope you enjoy the photos and the mini reviews. Halloween isn't my favourite holiday in the world but these reviews have been fun to do.

Cadbury Freaky Fingers
Kcal 105 Fat 5.5g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 12.8g (per 4 fingers)
'Crisp biscuits covered with white chocolate'.

We have what appeared to be a little bit of a lazy one from Cadbury here! Not only was the name of these rather similar to a Mr Kipling offering I reviewed not so long ago - See HERE (N.B. they have been around for several years!!), but these Cadbury Freaky Fingers were simply just a dressed up version of the Cadbury Dream Fingers - See HERE. The only difference between the two products was that these Fiendish Fingers came with the biscuit innards dyed a rather funky looking red/pink colour. They still tasted surprisingly nice for biscuits coated in cheap white chocolate, and the pack I bought for work was hoovered in seconds. Nothing new to see here, but what the hell I'm feeling generous ... ChocolateMission recommended :D

8.0 out of 10

Hotel Chocolat Milk & Yummy Bones
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???
'Spookily life-sized - 40% milk chocolate and creamy white chocolate'.

Changing tact somewhat we move from the £1.00 biscuits to this mammoth-sized offering from our friends Hotel Chocolat. Described as the 'Perfect centrepiece for your Halloween party or simply to keep you company through the long night' I cannot disagree that this massive chocolate skull is the business. I needn't bore you with the details of how utterly delectable both chocolate types are - you must know that by now :D The main talking point of the product has to be it's sheer size (450.0g!!), which the packaging claims to serve eight people ... more like eight-hundred if you ask me! At £15.00 a pop it's one of the more expensive chocolate foodstuffs to splash the cash on this year. If you were to part ways with your cash though I can't imagine you being left disappointed.

8.9 out of 10

McVities Jaffa Spooky Cake Bars
Kcal 96 Fat 3.5g Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 15.2g (per bar)
'Bittersweet dark crackly chocolate, light sponge and zingy orange centre.'

This isn't a review as such ... it's a conundrum :D :D .... and it could potentially carry a prize (a Ritter Sport bar of some sort of course haha!!) if the answer to the question is a) interesting or b) difficult to find! What's the question you beg to ask!? Well it's not is the Jaffa Cake Bar a biscuit or a cake ... that we know the answer to :D It's more:

'How can the original Jaffa Cake Bars (See HERE) have 129 calories in them, yet these 'Spooky Cake Bars', which just so happen to be the SAME VERY THING & SIZE!!!, have 96 calories'???????

It's a mystery! What's not a mystery is how jaffa-licous they are.

7.2 out of 10

Fabulous Bakin' Boys Spooky Blackcurrant & Apple Cupcakes
Kcal 139 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 16.2g (per Cake)
'Apple flavour sponge with a blackcurrant flavour topping'

Last up today we have our third Tesco £1.00 deal, seasonal special, these Fabulous Bakin' Boys Spooky Blackcurrant And Apple Cupcakes. My past reviews of FBB's Cupcakes should have told me to stay clear of further varieties, but there was something about the apple and blackcurrant cake proposition and the interesting look of the pack that managed to capture my attention, so I thought I would give them one last chance. As I should have pre-empted these apple and blackcurrant followed a very familiar pattern - lovely tasting base cake but with a really quite disgusting waxy feeling topping. Indeed on the positive side of things the bottom layer of apple cake was divine and manage to integrate a pleasant, real tasting cinnamon noted apple element to the standard vanilla sponge. Unfortunately just as is always the case, the topping placed on top of the cake had a hideous mouth feel, and came across as horrendously fake feeling and unnatural. The blackcurrant flavours it produced were a little crumb of comfort - they had a nice tarty zingyness to them which contrasted nicely with the sweeter apple. If you aren't one to be put off by the texture of the toppings of these cupcakes then I would feel comfortable suggesting them to try.

6.8 out 10