October 3rd: Toblerone Snow Top

Kcal 525 Fat 29.0g Fat(sats) 17.5g Carbs 60.5g (per 100.0g)

It's been a fair few years since we last got a new Toblerone product but just in time for Christmas 2011 we have this new Toblerone Snow Top bar. Whether or not this is a 'New' product, or a limited edition only made for the upcoming festive period I'm not so sure!? The packaging would suggest that it is 'New' and here to stick around - you will find out that's a good thing if you read on :D This Snow Top flavour was announced by Kraft back in July (See HERE), and came billed as 'Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat, capped with white chocolate'. This seemed like a straight forward proposition to me, though I did have some reservations as to why they didn't go whole hog and do a milk, white and dark chocolate mix :D

I bought this bar in a 100.0g pack that found in Sainsbury's priced on a very reasonable round pound (£1.00) introductory offer. I thought the pack was attractive and the choice of the light blue colour made in stand out from the other variants in the Toblerone range - (enough to get me to notice there was a new flavour on offer anyway!) As ever the Toblerone pieces looked lovely on the eye and of course the white chocolate topping on each block appeared well suited and gave each a cool look. Aroma wise I could detect sweet chocolate with minor nutty hints.

Toblerone isn't a chocolate I eat all that often, though I soon felt right at home with it's distinct tasting milk chocolate gracing my taste buds first. In line with expectations, the chocolate had a sweet milkiness that had just a touch of sweeter floral honey that developed during the latter stages of it's melt. When finally encountered, the white chocolate topping further accentuated the creamy dairy flavours of the taste, and brought a vanilla like note to the party as it developed. Once the chocolate was well progressed in it's melt, the remaining almond and nougat pieces added a buttery nuttiness to the after taste and provided further entertainment to the mouth feel senses with their chewy, crunchy textures. For me a four piece serving felt like plenty, any more and the sweetness would have caught up with me.

Overall I was very pleased with this new Toblerone bar and would hold it up there as one of the best options in their current range. The fusion of the milk chocolate with the white chocolate was proportionally correct with the milk chocolate still the main focus of the taste with it's unique honey sweetness, but the white chocolate portioned enough to bring it's enhancing vanilla and cream elements. When I got a few second opinions from work colleagues they similarly reacted very positively to this bar, and a few of them said they would be buying one for themselves when they next went shopping. Whether or not I offer a recommendation for this Toblerone Snow Top couldn't be more of a simple decision. Even if you don't regard yourself as a massive Toblerone fan, I would urge you to give this a try as it offers something a little bit extra from the straight up milk chocolate offering. It's one I will buy again in the run up to Christmas.

8.6 out of 10