November 12th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 94 - Heavenly Cakes Chocolate Shortbread


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........It's the weekend!! Thank heavens is all I can say!! It's been another crazily busy week for me and I can only apologise for my lack of engagement with the site. Over the past few days, I've somehow managed to bring you reviews of the Green & Black's Burnt Toffee (See HERE), and also the latest range from those eccentric guys at Glico, the Pocky x Mart range (See HERE).

I realise we are alredy approaching Mid-November here - anyone worried about the lack of Christmas reviews really needn't. Over the coming days my views on the Hotel Chocolat Christmas 2011 range, and Heavenly Cakes's NEW festive treats will all be making appearances thanks to some well timed packages this week. The 'Old Man' has been on photography duty and the reviews should be coming up soon.

You eagle-eyed ChocolateMission readers may also have spotted the new advert placed on the right hand sidebar (LOOK HERE ----->) :D Indeed, Heavenly Cakes are currently running a cracking deal of Free Delivery on orders over £20.00 that are placed before Christmas. Make sure you take advantage of this by checking out there website HERE.

Please do pay the News Page a visit - it should be updated with all the news that has materialised in the last week or so.

Thanks for visiting the site - please continue to add your thoughts, feelings, opinion and requests to the posts! You guys that contribute make it all worth it at the end of the day.

Have great weekends.


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Heavenly Cakes Chocolate Shortbread
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Carbs ???

As I have been telling you guys all week,it's been a rather hectic one this side of the screen at ChocolateMission. Thankfully, in the few moments of peace that I've managed to grab, I've been helping myself to some Heavenly Cakes from my latest sampling package - namely some of their Chocolate Shortbread which I've been taking to work.

I find shortbread generally comes in two forms. On one hand there is the horrible, hard flavourless sugary stuff like used (HERE), on the other there's the buttery, salty creamy delicious kind ... like what we have right here :D In a nutshell Heavenly Cakes Chocolate Shortbread is utterly divine. The Crunchy outerim and soft yielding, crumbly cake like innards make for textural delight, whilst the buttery, salt noted taste is up there with the best I've had. Could it be better!? Well the chocolate buttons don't produce the biggest chocolate flavour hit, but they could easily sort that with a grander chocolate layer or even some chocolate chips perhaps!? There was a reason why I was greedy and kept this to myself this week - it was just too good to share.

8.2 out of 10


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