November 16th: Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue

I'm sure you all wouldn't have failed to notice that Heavenly Cakes have been back on the ChocolateMission radar recently. Their reappearance on ChocolateMission of late has been met with a big thumbs up from the JCM community and amongst all the positive comments there have been several readers asking that I review their Very Berry Meringue cake. Well ask JCM readers and you shall receive :D Indeed today I bring you my thoughts and two pennies worth on this very delicacy. Described as a very tempting sounding concoction of 'all-butter shortbread, covered with a tart summer jam with light meringue chunks on top & sprinkled in summer berries & white chocolate' it was little surprise that this one had attracted so much attention from curious JCM readers.

As with all the other cakes recently, Heavenly Cakes sent me some single serve packs that I shared with the ever willing JCM-family tasting panel. With products like Heavenly Cakes it is natural to expect that the pictures they feature on their website are going to be 'touched up' versions of the actual product, and that the reality is likely to be somewhat different. Hopefully my photos (... well the Old Man's!!) showcase that this was really once again not the case. They looked every bit as fantastic with each layer of the intricate cake highly visible and the inner ingredients seemingly well dispersed throughout.

Over a fine cup of tea we tested these delightful berry laced slices out and without spoiling things too much (like you all have haven't looked at the score already anyway haha!!) they were to coin a phrase 'exceedingly good'. With so many different layers involved this was a cake notable for it's ever developing flavours with the butteryness of the shortbread, sweet sugaryness of the meringue and the tarty red berries making for some interesting flavour contrasts. Additionally all these different elements made for sensational variety of textures with juicy fruits, chewy meringue and crunchy biscuit - it was a sheer delight. One thing I'm yet to get out of Nigel & Maeve at HC is the kind of white chocolate they use for their cakes. Whatever it may be it gets the JCM thumbs up - the creamy vanilla noted taste provided a fitting end to each and every bite - this is where they tell me its Cadbury Dream :D

Overall all round this was felt to be the best cake in the most recent selection that myself and my family were treated to. As I have alluded to above the cake provided a delicious fruity sweet slice that was both rich and moreish. It's sweet white chocolate and sticky fruity jam taste sent sugar levels sky rocketing, but it's moreish nature commanded that important 'just one more bite' attractiveness. If red berries are your thing and you like your chocolate sweet then I see little reason why this Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue wont meet all seals of approval. If I was hosting a party and was looking for a fruit themed option to entertain my Heavenly Cakes platter (now that's a good idea!) then this Very Berry Meringue would likely be my cake of choice.

8.7 out of 10