November 19th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 95 - J-List Extravaganza


Hi All,

Very busy times are approaching JCM and there has already been some serious hard work going on behind the scenes to get the site ready to provide you with the best chocolate coverage this Christmas.

I must give mention to the 'Old Man' (he isn't that old haha!) who has been snapping away furiously with his photography and has done a really cracking job with the latest sampling packages sent through by Hotel Chocolat, Heavenly Cakes and Artisan du Chocolat. Whilst he has been doing that I've been contemplating the daunting task of writing everything up into exciting formats that you will all engage with - long reviews? Bit's n Bobs? Photo Frenzy? Snacks of the Week? If you guys have a preference on how you want to see all these things showcased be sure to drop me a line on Twitter @ChocMission

The update is short and sweet this week as I'm just about to head off and update the news page. I hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming holidays! Here at JCM we are all going to be mega relieved when then the run up is finally over :D As for you lot there are just exciting times ahead :D


N.B. Comments will be disabled this weekend due to me having no means of moderating them. Please contact me via Twitter/E-mail for any enquiries.

SNACK(s) OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week

Snack of the week is a little different today in that I've decided to present you with some 'SNACKS' of the week instead :D (yes that is a plural!!). Courtesy of my friends from J-List (See HERE), I've been munching my way through all these different Japanese biscuit snacks. After doing so I thought the best way to showcase them to you is to forget the stress of scoring all of them, but rather taking some snazzy photos and giving you a quick run-down on each. Sit back, relax and enjoy this bizarre Japanese showcase :D ....

Kabaya Saku Panda Chocolate Monaka Minis / Strawberry
Minis - Kcal 207 Fat 11.9g Carbs 22.2g (Per 38.0g pack)
Strawberry - Kcal 138 Fat 8.8g Carbs 13.3g (Per 24.0g pack)

Two products here - one a giant panada shaped wafer filled with strawberry chocolate cream. The other a pack of white and milk chocolate panda shaped shortbread biscuits. The big wafer made for an awesome light snack dipped in a milky coffee, whilst the biscuits where a cute thing to have on my desk to graze on throughout the day. Fun looking, tasty snacks, based on my all time favourite animal :D What isn't there to love here!?

Tohato Crayon Shin Chan Chocobi Choco Banana Flavor
Kcal 135 Fat 7.9g Carbs 15.6g (Per 25.0g pack)

These mini biscuits come with the weirdest descriptor ever seen on J-List and are billed as being based on 'manga and anime Crayon Shin-Chan, the story about a very "special" kindergarten boy who loves to do cosplay and chase beautiful girls, along with showing off his butt." .... err ok!!! What I could make sense of were the delightful biscuits involved here. They were light, almost wafer like in texture, yet somehow managed to deliver a wonderfully real tasting banana flavour sensation. At the heart of each, the biscuits were laced with just a few granules of brown sugar which made these terribly addictive and sweet. Surprisingly enjoyable!

Bourbon Chocolate Every Burger
Kcal 169 Fat 8.5g Carbs 20.6g (Per 33.0g pack)

I had no idea what to expect from these but again I was to be pleasantly surprised. These mini 'burgers' came presented in two separate 33.0g packs which contained around eight sesame seed topped shortbread biscuits with chocolate cream centres. The sesame seeds on top of the biscuits were a very nice touch indeed, and provided a delightful savoury note to contrast with the sweeter biscuit and creamy chocolate centres. These were horrendously addictive, I'm glad they had the courtesy to separate them into two packs for me :D


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