November 23rd: Niederegger Liqueur Flavoured Marzipan Selection

Before I start the review today, I yet again have to thank a ChocolateMission reader for providing me with the product. Indeed it was dedicated reader and comment contributor David who sent me this fabulous Niederegger selection to feature as part of my Christmas reviews this year. I always feel terribly guilty accepting chocolates from readers, but David was insistent that I try these Niederegger Liqueur Flavoured Marzipans.

As you will see from my photographs above the selection included four different flavours, each of which were portioned four times in the 200.0g box. I thought the flavours included could have been communicated a little more clearly on the outer box, though that said the lovely looking foil wrappers that covered each of the mini loaves were very obvious and kept each of the pieces in really amazing condition. My thoughts on the flavours are below.

Fig-Vodka - This was my least favourite in the selection and I actually left one of the pieces uneaten which is something I never would have thought I would have done with a Niederegger marzipan product. This flavour was covered with Niederegger's plain dark chocolate which I thought complimented the sweet, syrupy apple like flavours generated from the marzipan very well. Whilst I was more than happy with the taste, it was the texture that upset me somewhat, as it included the pips from the fruit. Personally I thought they upset the feel of the marzipan, as they created a crackly sensation that didn't feel at all natural.

Fig-Vodka - 6.8 out of 10

Rum-Krokant - For those unaware Krokant is nut brittle, a common ingredient included in German confectionery. This piece was coated with milk chocolate so the taste established before the centre marzipan was uncovered was sweet and creamy. In comparison to the other flavours included in the box, this was the most probably the plainest in regards to it's flavours. The contribution from the rum was self evident and provided a mild boozy undertone, but the most forthcoming flavours were that of mixed hazelnut and almond. It was very nice.

Rum-Krokant - 8.0 out of 10

Mirabelle Brandy - This was my second favourite and came enrobed in a layer of dark chocolate. The plainer chocolate flavours were again well matched for the sweet fruitiness of the marzipan that lay below. As with all Niederegger products the marzipan retained a wonderful moistness, and the luxurious doughy bread and almond nut flavours avoided being overly sugar laden. The alcohol content was yet again wonderfully balanced, and allowed full expression of the plum fruitiness that came through in the latter stages of the melt.

Mirabelle Brandy - 8.4 out of 10

Apple Calvados - I was at first a little worried by the matching of sweet milk chocolate and a sweet fruit like apple, but this was actually my favourite flavour of marzipan in the box. The outer milk chocolate was as desired and established a creamy chocolateyness before the marzipan was uncovered below. The chocolate was good and all, but it was the marzipan that was the star of the show with it's real apple pieces. Unlike the seeds and pips in the fig flavour, the small little bits of apple were highly complimentary of the almond marzipan, and they provided some delicious juicy fruit flavours that had a sensational warming hint of alcohol behind them. Superb :D

Apple Calvados - 8.8 out of 10

Overall this was a fantastic set of marzipan flavours that were all terrifically unique and delicious. What impressed me so much about these particular marzipans were the way they delivered the flavours I was expecting. All too often nowadays I try chocolates and other confectionery that say they are going to deliver 'flavour X' and end up tasting nothing like described and/or expected. The first step to making any decent product is to deliver on consumer expectations - the flavours in this box did that, and in the case of the Krokant, Mirabelle and Apple exceeded them. Not being the greatest fan of alcohol I was a little cautious of the liqueurs overpowering the almondy marzipan - I shouldn't have doubted Niederegger :D they balanced them amazingly. Thanks again to David, this is a selection I would highly recommend to marzipan lovers this Christmas.