November 2nd: Heavenly Cakes Fruit & Nut Bar

After an extended period of absence from JCM readers eyes, Heavenly Cakes are finally back on the ChocolateMission radar. Since you last saw them on ChocolateMission, Heavenly Cakes have been busy going up and down the country attending various food and cake conventions and fairs getting the Heavenly Cakes name out there. The hard work, travelling and long nights appears to have paid dividends for them, as from what I have been led to believe, Heavenly are on the verge of some rather lucrative deals with various retail outlets. Today sees me get back to doing my own bit for Heavenly :D eating their cakes and giving them a rating - life couldn't be hard eh!? Haha!

In the coming weeks you will see me writing about some of Heavenly's latest cakes. The one hogging the limelight today is this Fruit & Nut Bar - Heavenly were so kind to send me a couple of their 75.0g single serve slices which I shared with family over a fine English brew. Aesthetically this wasn't the prettiest looking cake Heavenly have sent my way (that has to be the Billionaire Brownie :D See HERE). On the face of things it looked like a very large flapjack with a variety of whole nut and raisin pieces dispersed through out.

This cake may not be winning any awards for it's aesthetic beauty but in terms of aromas it sure was tempting. As soon as I pierced the plastic packet a whole plethora of nutty scents were forthcoming. To my surprise there was also a detectable hint of spice which subsequently turned out to be cinnamon. After cutting the slices in half the taste test commenced and as one had come to expect these were met with a seal of approval all round. The majority of the cake was a delicious fusion of oats, butter and golden syrup and this provided a tasty and substantial base for each and every bite. What made this cake stand out from similar supermarket propositions however was the quality of the nuts which were all fresh tasting and made the taste differentiated and interesting as it seemed each bit contained a different variety. The cinnamon and sultana elements only further added to the variety of flavours on offer, contributing both sweet and spicy elements to the party. Just as it's appearance had suggested this was a cake crammed full of different flavours due to the variety of it's ingredients. It was lovely.

Overall Heavenly Cakes have made a triumphant return to ChocolateMission and it has to be handed to them that this was yet another very good cake offering. What with their being so many reasonably good flapjack like products out there already on the market it was going to take something special to stand out from the crowd. Heavenly Cakes managed to do this with the use of some top quality ingredients - the addition of the cinnamon to the cake also made a monumental difference to the end quality which is surprising given its relative simplicity. Looking at the back of the pack having now eaten it, my only disappointment was that the dessicated coconut that was billed was not something that came through in the taste. This can only be regarded as a minor thing though, the overall quality and flavour depth offered by this cake was already bordering on sensational - who knows the addition of the coconut may have sent it over the edge. If you like your granola or flapjack snacks this is a must try! Welcome back Heavenly!

8.6 out of 10