November 30th: Heavenly Cakes Christmas Crimbo Crumble

I loved this cake even before I opened it's packet :D I thought I was the only person left on this planet who was sad enough to still use the word 'Chrimbo' (I used it in the office last week and was shot a number of funny looks). Seemingly @BettyBakes saw fit to dub one of her creations this year the 'Crimbo Crumble' so I can't be as out of touch as I first thought :D ... enough with the rambling and on to the cake!! Step up to the ChocolateMission plate Heavenly Cakes Christmas Crimbo Crumble ...

@BettyBakes and co sent me a few single servings of this 2011 Christmas creation and it came packaged in the usual cellophane packet, cardboard sleeve packaging. Take a peak at the score chart and you will see that the presentation of the cake let itself down. Indeed this was THE STICKIEST cake ever reviewed on ChocolateMission. It stuck to packet, it stuck to my plate and most certainly stuck to my fingers. It was unavoidable feeling messy eating this cake, lucky enough this was to be the only drawback involved here. Aroma wise it smelt great with the sugary spice smells putting me straight away in the Christmas mindset.

As I said above, the stickiness of the cake was the only drawback so I've already given away the game away that it tasted great. Comprising of a 'Shortbread base with mincemeat covered with crumble & icing drizzle' this was indeed a total delight on all the senses. The shortbread base initiated things providing a crumbly butter biscuit led taste that melted in the mouth like a dream to uncover the soft chewy layers of fruit and spice above. The mincemeat placed on top was well proportioned to the additional crumble and icing toppings and was neither over dominant or underplayed in the grand taste. It was sweet, fruity and had strong tones of nutmeg and cinnamon coming through with terrific balance against the sugary sweet icing and partially salted crumble mix. This was a cake bursting with Christmassy flavours and left me feeling 100.0% satisfied alongside my mid-afternoon coffee.

Overall this Christmas Crimbo Cake can go down as a total home-run as a seasonal cake from Heavenly. Once I got over the fact that my hands, kitchen and camera were all covered in a mixture of sticky mincemeat, glitter and broken off bits of icing it was all plain sailing from there - this cake made me truly feel like Christmas was on its way with sensational mixture of spicy sweet flavour elements - this was Crimbo in optimal cake form. If you like cakes like Mince Pies or Mr Kipling's Christmas Bakewells then this Heavenly Cakes Christmas Crimbo Cake will be right up your street. My challenge to the Heavenly Cakes guys next year is to find a way of delivering this same experience, but within a form that makes the cake a little more glamorous looking and without the necessity for so much finger licking :D Ignoring that I still feel happy as pie giving a big time JCM recommendation.

8.5 out of 10