November 9th: Glico Pocky x Mart Range

I couldn't possibly get a package through from J-List without receiving the latest offerings from the Glico Pocky range which is lucky considering the amount of JCM readers who have requested I review these. Indeed these Glico Pocky x Mart biscuit sticks have seemingly caught the eye of many a JCM reader. Pocky for any of you new readers is a range of sweet biscuit snacks sold in Japan. Glico/Kraft have brought out a similar range called Mikado here in the UK though the flavours have been limited to just the four basic offerings (they have literally hundreds in the East!!) Anyway, enough with the history lesson. Onwards and upwards with my views on this new 'x Mart' range.

Just for your information both of these flavours came in 60.0g packs that contained four sets of 3 biscuit stick packs. These 'x Mart' sticks were the same size as the Pocky Dessert stick range that I reviewed earlier this year - See those reviews HERE.

Glico Pocky x Mart Custard & Orange
Kcal 82 Fat 4.7g Carbs 8.9g (per 15.0g pack - 3 Sticks)

Starting with the packet on the right-hand side shown above this Custard & Orange flavour was probably the more exciting sounding flavour out of the two on offer. Looks wise the sticks were a little darker than the others, and they had a light fragrant fruity set of scents amongst the sweet biscuit smells. Unfortunately when it came to the taste test these were perceived as a disappointment by most that tried them. The sticks weren't horrible tasting by any stretch of the imagination, however the promised custard and orange flavours were simply AWOL. Neither of these elements came through strongly at all, the orange flavouring was light at best, whilst a person who would have been oblivious to the custard billing wouldn't have guessed it's presence whatsoever. The combined white chocolate and fruit hinted shortbread biscuit taste was decent enough, but was overall a letdown considering how strong Pocky flavours have come across in the past.

6.9 out of 10

Glico Pocky x Mart White & Chocolate
Kcal 81 Fat 4.6g Carbs 8.7g (per 15.0g pack - 3 Sticks)

I've done my usual trick and saved the better offering until last. This 'White & Chocolate' flavour is the box on the left in the above picture. As stated above these didn't look all that different from the other variety, though they definitely had a more generic biscuity set of forthcoming smells when I opened the packets. As you can tell by the overall score, these sticks were much more to preference. Taste wise the white chocolate base coating had a far stronger flavour depth and established a decent vanilla edge. The milk chocolate decorative lashings did bring a little extra cocoa hit to the taste, but it was the pleasant vanilla creaminess which was the overriding element in the taste. It was considered all round to be the better flavour of the two on offer.

7.7 out of 10