December 12th: Heavenly Cakes Christmas Chocolate Cake

Rounding off the Christmas reviews for Heavenly Cakes this year we have the last of their new festive offerings, the Christmas Chocolate Cake. This cake is one that @BettyBakes (Heavenly's 'in-character Twitter feed) has been lauding about for months now - even on their website (See HERE) Heavenly see fit to dub it their 'Festive crowning glory'. Promising a 'fudgy choc base, mincemeat, marzipan, Belgian milk choc & a marzipan snowflake on top' this certainly sounded like a cake with potential to trouble the upper levels of the JCM scoring chart.

I received these cakes in the traditional Heavenly Cakes 'single serve' format, however chose on both occasions to split it in half to share with another taste tester. On the face of things, I thought this was easily the nicest looking of all four of the new Heavenly Cakes Christmas varieties on offer this year. The layering system between the chocolate cake, chocolate coating and marzipan decoration was very evident and their arrangement made for a cake that looked both appetising and interesting. Aroma wise the presence of the Christmas spices was made very apparent upon the breaking open the cellophane packet - as Homer Simpson would say MMMMMM CHRISTMAS :D

As I mentioned above, I took two fellow taste testers along for the ride today and boy were they grateful. Namely my Mother and a work colleague were these very people and their conclusions about this cake matched that very much of my own. Now I'm probably reading too much into this but if you look at the name of the product it is the word 'Christmas' that precedes 'Chocolate Cake' - thus indicating to us that this was supposed to be a Chrismassy flavoured chocolate cake base and not the other way around. Well anyway this is exactly what we got here - the chocolate cake base had this delightful moistness to it and had parts of greater viscocity where the raisin fruits were portioned. Taste wise the cake was a dream and had a scintilating flavour journey that was rooted in rich, buttery cocoa wheatyness, but enhanced every so often by hints of cinnamon, sweet fruits, nuts and sugar. For most this would just be enough, however Heavenly Cakes always ensure they give that little bit extra to ensure they are a cut above. Indeed, topping this gorgeous cake were delicious layers of fudgy chocolate and marzipan. Both of these brought their desired cream and nut flavours, and they did so with unique smooth melting, soft textures. Altogether this was a Christmas Chocolate Cake dream.

Overall all I can say is 'WOW what a cake!' Those were the words uttered by my work colleague who was having their first ever Heavenly Cakes experience, and I don't think they could have summed it up better. This was simply just another stunning offering from the HC guys and it was a cake that ticked almost every box from what I wanted from a Christmas season cake. It was rich, chocolatey, spicecy and just wholly warming and satisfying for this time of year. Eaten as snack or as a dessert in itself, this would no doubt be warmly met by any chocolate fanatic Christmas cake lover. I could spend all day telling you just how excellent I thought this cake was, but I would rather you just try some yourself - I'm sure 99.0% of you will be in full agreement of just how special it is. I did my usual trick of saving the best until last but don't worry there is still plenty of time for you to get an order in (See HERE). If you do I am extremely confident there will be no regrets.

9.1 out of 10