December 19th: Last Orders - Ladies and Gentlemen !

I'm sure you are all like me and are counting down the days until the big time Christmas Festivities. I thought I would use the time today to showcase some of the delightful stuff sent my way by some of the site sponsors. The time for ordering from these guys is drawing in to close, so be sure to get those last cheeky ones in .... we wouldn't want anyone to go without a present now would we :D

N.B. Please contact me via Twitter if needs be @ChocMission - please do not attempt to leave comments on this post.

Hotel Chocolat - These Stylish, ribbon-tied Christmas crackers will be present at the JCM family Christmas Dinner this year. Yes even Hotel Chocolat aren't adverse to god awful jokes and silly hats :D At least you know the chocolate will be good :D Order HERE

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Delivered chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat

J-List - These guys have been sending me crazy things all year round, and just in time for Christmas they have restocked their stocks of local Kit Kat flavours. One of the these is the Kit Kat Green Matcha (Review HERE), a surprisingly tasty green tea flavoured incarnation of our favourite wafer snack. If you are looking for a confection gift that is a little different from normal I would head to J-List. Order HERE

AmericanSoda - If Western treats and snacks are more your thing then you will want to be heading to our friends over at AmericanSoda. These guys have all manner of different American foodstuffs including all your favourite Reese's, Hershey's etc Just recently they sent me some of the latest Taste of Nature Cookie Dough Bite flavours (Past Reviews HERE) that I took round a mates house for watching a film. Both these packs got gobbled in minutes - addictive doesn't quite do them justice (especially the Cinnamon Bun flavour!!). Order HERE

Heavenly Cakes - Last but by no means least I better not forget Heavenly Cakes. @BettyBakes is still working hard cooking up batches of all the cakes I've shown you in the last few weeks (See HERE). Need I remind you that they have some other absolutely gorgeous cakes (Marathon Flapjack pictured!!) .... no probably not! Heavenly Cakes have you covered for cakes this year folks! Order HERE