December 21st: Bits n Bobs - Jim's Christmas 2011 Guide Part # 3

We are down to the last few days before Christmas now! Here are my final few tips on what you should be treating everyone to this year.

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ONLINE - There is still time to get your orders in. Check out the reviews and then get them in quick folks!!!

Hotel Chocolat - Reviews HERE

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Delivered chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat

J-List - Reviews HERE

Heavenly Cakes - Reviews HERE

American Soda - Reviews HERE

HIGHSTREET - If you are going really last minute (that's the fun way to do it!!) then you might be interested in these Hightstreet options.

Marks & Spencer (£0.75 per item) - M&S have several little bits and pieces in their range this year. Below you will see chocolate coins (and bills!!), an aerated chocolate Santa and even a caramel filled chocolate Santa. Admittedly the chocolate isn't the best quality going but all these are good as stocking fillers.

Milka (£4.00) - I've unfortunately missed out on the Milka seasonal limited editions this Christmas (Booo!!), but I've still got time to send you in the direction of their Milka Minis Collection. It features some of their best flavours including the 'Cream', 'Hazelnut', 'Milk' and even the almighty 'Daim' variety. A box full of these would be a welcome addition to anyone's Christmas haul. Milka reviews HERE

Galaxy (£3.00) - There's plenty of Galaxy offerings out there this Christmas but if I had to pick one I would go for a box of these Galaxy Promises. They come in 'Truffle' or 'Caramel' varieties - I would suggest the latter but that's just my own personal preference. As each are individually wrapped these could be used for decorative purposes e.g. in cards, stockings etc.
Galaxy Promises Review HERE

American Foods - If you are lucky enough to live near one of the American food importer stores you might want to consider putting together a package of your dear ones favourite American foodstuffs. Take a look at the package I put together for someone this year!
(American Soda are based in Greater Manchester HERE)
..... and if all else fails ... Cadbury & Nestle - If you are really at the peril of budget/time constraints then why not just plump for these classics. The Nestle Smarties milk chocolate Penguin, Nestle Milkybar Cow and Cadbury Wishes Star - all available for £1.99 each or likely on a 2 for £3.00 in a supermarket near you. Affordable, easily accessible and tasty. A safe last resort.