December 31st: Three Years ......

Three Years and it's time for a break folks!!

Indeed after three long (chocolate filled) years I'm going to have to unfortunately change the general running of this site. At the back end of 2011 you may have noticed that my updating of the site was become less frequent. Apologies for not being clear but there were many things going on at the time - without giving you my life story I have got myself a new job, new flat etc. All these changes are happening right now so I will have to dedicate a great amount of time adjusting to these new demands.

So I guess you are asking how this effects the site?

Well for the time being the site will:

* Have one post a week (minimum)
* Be running with comments disabled (due to the amount of spam being received)

During peak holiday times e.g. Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas etc the site will no doubt be a lot more active, but for the time being you will notice things will be scaled back.

Thank you for all the support - I hope you continue to read the site and don't forget you can get hold of me via Twitter @ChocMission. The Jim's ChocolateMission beast isn't dead ... just hibernating :D