June 29th: Lucky's Honey Time - New Flavours

The last time we saw Lucky's on ChocolateMission I gave you all my thoughts on the new Mad Hatter Bar flavours just released (See HERE). In those reviews I constantly referred back to my first ever post about Lucky's, where I reviewed the Lucky's Honey Time Gift Selection (See HERE) where I awarded a very impressive 9.2 out of 10 rating. Well in addition to the new Mad Hatter Bar flavours, Lucky's also decided it appropriate to update their Honey Time offerings, the three of which I will showcase for you today.

As you can see from the photos these came to me in a very fancy looking gift set box that was decorated beautifully with the Lucky's branding and Alice in Wonderland themed patterns and logos. Inside the chunky 95.0g cakes were held in place by a bizzare, yet still rather cool furry shelf. The packaging was altogether odd in style, but ultimately very premium looking. This uniqueness is something I can only imagine will benefit Lucky's as they grow as a company. I'm not sure the style is going to be to everyone's taste but one thing that is for definite is that it will make them stand out from the crowd.

Unlike before I have decided to review these cakes individually as they are also available to buy in this manner. You can see them on the Lucky's website HERE for further details.


Coco Rush - 'Spiced honey cake with coconut cream covered in dark chocolate'. I probably needn't remind you that all these cakes featured today were made with Valrhona chocolate exteriors and Luckys's top secret recipe spiced honey cake. This dark chocolate cake was one that took my fancy from the off and I couldn't wait to get stuck into it. Whilst doing the photography the awesome coconutty smells that greeted me nicely set my expectations for the taste test that quickly followed. The dark chocolate was every bit as good as expected, and it's thick shell implementation nicely established a grand set of unsweetened cocoa flavours which complimented the sweet cake and filling quite superbly. Not to be outdone by the chocolate, the cake was sweet and spicy in taste and was nicely moistened by the coconut cream that lay on top. The coconut filling itself delivered what it promised with it's milky sweet nut flavours, though it did come come across my mind that it wasn't quite the standard of William Curley's Bounty Bar coconut ganache. Altogether this was a delicious cake and one I got a great deal of satisfaction from. Recommended for you coconut fans.

8.4 out of 10


Lazy Rabbit - 'Spiced honey cake with Bailey's & walnuts covered in milk chocolate'. Out of all the three cakes this was probably the one that had myself and my tasting panel most intrigued. My last experience with a Bailey's flavoured cake product was a Christmas themed McVitie's offering which proved to be a tad underwhelming (See HERE). If you have learnt anything about Lucky's so far, you will understand that 'underwhelming' isn't a word that is often suitable for this brand - this cake was far, far superior! The thick outer shell of milk chocolate broke with a beautiful elegance, and I didn't have to wait long for the expected creamy, silky cocoa flavours to make themselves known amongst the cinnamon spiced flavours of the honey noted cake. Hopefully you can see from my photo that the Bailey's and Walnut layer was very generously portioned. This was especially so at the centre of the cake where the filling oozed out uncontrollably as I bit in to it (messy business :D ) - oh my was it delicious! Adding further to the creaminess of the chocolate, the Bailey's element came through with just the slightest boozieness that combined with the surprisingly strong savoury butteryness of the walnuts offered a simply sensational flavour experience. The Bailey's contribution to the taste was for me spot on - neither too dominant or too weak. Highly recommended for any Bailey's lover.

8.9 out of 10


Hurry Bunny - 'Spiced honey cake with blueberry covered in white chocolate'.chocolate'. Being a big fan of fruit flavoured chocolates (especially blueberries and white chocolate!) I was never going to get this one past my mother who I drafted in especially to help me review this one. Just like the other two above this was the most perfect looking cake and looked stunning when cross-sectioned with it's clean cut glistening chocolate shell and ruby red compote filling just begging to be released. As we all know, I'm not great lover of white chocolate but even I appreciated the subtly of the milky vanilla flavours of the hefty Valrhona 35.0% coating. The chocolate was great, but this Hurry Bunny was all about the way the different components combined. The creaminess of the chocolate, the slight spice of the buttery cake and red fruit flavours of the blueberries made for the most sensational taste. The mouth feel created by the sticky, cool tempered jam compote was just another bonus within what was all round a sensational cake. Suffice to say Mummy ChocolateMission was rather pleased with this one and gave it a massive thumbs up :D

8.9 out of 10


Overall these were another very fine selection of cakes from Lucky's that I whole heartedly recommend. The feedback left from people in my last Lucky's review was that they were over expensive, and though I can't disagree that they are very, very dear, I believe that as a one off treat you can't find a more unique cake experience than what these have to offer. It's worth remembering that Lucky's don't position themselves as an everyday cake brand and thank heavens they don't - we have enough of them already. Lucky's want to be known for luxury, and judging by these cakes I can't deny them that.

June 27th: Hotel Chocolat Tiramisu

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

My trawl through the Hotel Chocolat Summer 2011 Peepster range finishes today with me taking a look at their new Tiramisu slab offering. Long time readers of the site will know that I make very little effort hiding my love for coffee flavoured chocolates. You only need to look at my previous reviews of bars such as Lindt's Excellence Coffee Intense See HERE (now shockingly out of distribution in the UK!!!) to understand just quite how much I love coffee chocolates. Suffice to say the prospect of Hotel Chocolat finally having a go at this terrific combination had me literally salivating. The on-pack description of 'milk and mocha chocolate, cookie pieces and enrobed coffee beans only further fueled my excitement. My expectations for this slab were sky high, it was always going to be hard living up to them.

Just as all the rest this Tiramisu slab came in a 100.0g portion that I consumed slowly over the course of a few days. I would love to say that I had some second opinions on this one but this was a chocolate that I wasn't going ever going to be sharing with anyone haha :D In terms of aesthetic impression the slab looked attractive on the eye with the two tone milk chocolate and decorative white chocolate swirls complimented nicely by the biscuit and coffee bean pieces. Again the same issue about breaking the slab into smaller pieces reared its ugly head, however I was too overcome by the glorious roasted coffee scents being emanated by the chocolate to really take much notice of that.

I feel in no mood to beat around the bush today, so I will let the 'cat out the bag' straight away by revealing this was every bit as great as I hoped it would be. The majority of the bar was comprised of Hotel Chocolat's 40% milk chocolate which of course brought all the usual cream based, fresh cocoa flavours to the party. Across the entire slab, generous portions of lighter coloured, speckled milk chocolate signified the presence of the mocha chocolate - gosh was it nice! The mocha chocolate built upon the base cream flavours with a smooth, roasted coffee influence. The coffee element surprised me with it's strength - it certainly didn't hold back in getting the coffee across in the taste. Whilst the taste was to be marvelled at, the differentiated textures created by the smooth melting chocolate and crunchy biscuit and coffee beans pieces were also fantastic. Speaking of the devils, both the biscuits and coated coffee beans were tremendous additional flavour enhancers. The biscuits brought a lovely shortbread flavour input, whilst the coffee beans brought further big bursts of coffee in every bite where present. Altogether this all made for a delicious and moreish coffee chocolate - at times I just couldn't put it down.

Overall this wasn't the perfect coffee chocolate but it definitely came mighty close. The mocha flavoured chocolate included in this slab was nothing short of phenomenal. It almost became a game breaking off chunks of the plain milk chocolate around it, just so I could save those 'best bits' until last (yes I am one of those weird people haah :D). The other coffee element to this slab, was also inspired - Hotel Chocolat should seriously look into releasing a stand alone coated coffee bean product they are that good! Do I have any minor criticisms!? Well of course I do :D First off I think the 'Tiramisu' name given to the slab is slight misleading given that the chocolate lacked the cheesyness of mascarpone and the boozie influence without any liqueur. Secondly I think it would have been better if the embedded coffee beans had been more spaced out across the slab. Lets not dwell on the negatives :D ... this was one heck of a delicious chocolate that I would recommend to anyone who considers themselves a coffee flavoured chocolate fan. This one gets a big ChocolateMission thumbs up.

8.9 out of 10

Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

June 25th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 77 - Thorntons Gold Award Winners 2011


Hi All,

It's been another really great week for the site with record amounts of visitors and some really good chit chat on the reviews. If you are one of my readers who doesn't look at the comment threads on the reviews I would strongly suggest you start doing so. There are a great bunch of regulars and the discussions can get very lively.

Whats gone on in my world this week!? Well not that much to be honest with you folks. I have recieved deliveries from Thorntons and Ritter Sport, but apart from that it has been all rather quiet.

Next week you can expect to see more Hotel Chocolat, Lucky's Cakes and AmericanSoda. Make sure you are signed up to the ChocolateMission Twitter feed HERE. You never know I might have the sudden urge to hold another competition if I get the chance. As ever if you have any products you want to see reviewd please just leave them on the request page.

Have great weekends and remember to visit the NEWS PAGE.


SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week

Hands up if you have seen these doing the rounds on the Chocosphere this week :D .... Yeah, you and me both! There I was thinking I was all special this week after recieving these 'Academy of Chocolate 2011 award winning chocolates' through the post from my pals at Thorntons.

As part of their attempts to reshape their somewhat troubled brand image it appears that Thorntons are attempting to remind people just how good some of their chocolates are by sending out some PR samples to us so called 'chocolate experts'. Included in these packs Thorntons included three of their chocolates that won awards at the latest Academy of Chocolate awards ... here are my thoughts on them.

Crunchy Praline - This was a great chocolate that combined a soft yielding hazelnut filling with small crunchy rice cereal pieces dispersed throughout. In terms of taste the woody nut flavours were forthcoming and the outer chocolate had a pleasant creamy sweetness. The rice cereal specs offered little flavourwise, though they brought pleasant addictions texturally. Good.
Raspberry & Rose - This piece was suitably coated with a less sugar intensive dark chocolate which I thought matched the highly sweet centre well. Once again the mouthfeel of the soft filling was pleasant against the crisp outer chocolate, though I wasn't all that taken by raspberry and rose flavours. Though distinctive I thought they were highly reminiscent of Thorntons' standard Turkish Delight bar which didn't make it feel like an altogether 'special' award worthy chocolate. More could have been done with the raspberry. Standard.
Vanilla Caramel - Given the amount of caramels I have tried in my time this was probably the one they were going to have most problems impressing me with - to my surprise they did! This was a delightful caramel that had both a wonderful mouthfeel and a terrific flavour delivery. The filling was soft and slightly viscous in texture, whilst the taste had elements of butter, salt, vanilla and cream all in one. It wasn't the best ever caramel, but it was still highly enjoyable. I wouldn't mind a box of these. Superb.

So where can you get some of these 'award winners' yourself? Well you can head over to Thorntons HERE and keep an eye out for the £100 'Wonder box' that these will be included in to celebrate their 100 year Jubilee year. Here's hoping they also come out with a more realistically priced offering eh!? :D

8.3 out of 10


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June 24th: William Curley Nostalgia Range

If you have been following the site over the last few months you will no doubt have come across my reviews of some of William Curley's finest chocolates (Website & Shop - See HERE). As I have slowly made my way through his range, an ever increasing amount of ChocolateMission fanatics (there are a few of you haha!) have been requesting that I take a look at the William Curley Nostalgia bars.

The Nostalgia range is William's take on some of the all time classic chocolates that we have here in the UK. After getting in contact with the guys at WC, they felt that the Bounty, Millionaire's and Marathon bars would be their best representation. All three of these bars came delivered to me in clear cellophane packs as you can see above. Upon receiving them in this manner I have to admit I was little surprised, as although the bars themselves looked grand, the cellophane wrappers hardly looked the classiest - especially compared to the amazingly decorative boxes of the other William Curley products I reviewed previously.

Alongside some trusted taste test helpers, I have been sampling these all this week. Below are our collective thoughts:

William Curley Millionaire's

Unlike the other two below this wasn't a bar based on a commercial bar, but more just the concept of Millionaire's Shortcake. This one came described as 'Traditional all-butter shortbread topped with sea salt caramel and coated in Toscano 66% dark chocolate'.

All of us that tasted this one loved two out of three major components of this bar. The 66% Toscano chocolate that coated it was absolutely delicious. The dark chocolate was forthcoming with it's flavours from the outset, and it fast established a fine set of unsweetened cocoa flavours that were layered with hints of earth and red wine. The bitterness of the chocolate was tempered quite superbly by the inner shortbread that brought tones of butter, salt and brown sugar to the party within it's soft, melt in the mouth texture. Unfortunately, like we found with the William Curley Sea Salted Caramel Mou, the caramel was a let down and didn't quite do the job we all hoped it would. It was agreed all round that it lacked the desired butterscotch and salt flavours that we were all hoping. It wasn't a bad offering by any means but it didn't tick all of the boxes.

7.2 out of 10

William Curley Marathon Bar

For those unaware (I willingly to bet none of you!!) the Marathon bar was the original name given to the Snickers. If you wish to read up more on this I suggest you head on over to our pals at WIKI. The long story cut short is that the bar was called the Marathon up until 1981, at which point it got renamed. This bar came described as 'Peanut and chocolate nougat topped with a salted peanut caramel and coated in Toscano 70% dark chocolate'.

Unless I'm missing something here, I guess one could argue right off the bat this wasn't a complete like-for-like bar given that it had a dark chocolate coating as opposed to the traditional milk chocolate used by Mars today. Although the 70% recipe was only 4.0% different in terms of cocoa content, this chocolate couldn't of tasted any more different. The Toscano chocolate was bursting full of character and had a strong smokey, tobacco like definition that was very, very strong! To be honest it was felt by most of us that chocolate was too distracting from the other elements in the bar. Indeed, the chocolate was so concentrated in taste it took attention away from the nougat, caramel and peanuts which all frankly struggled to create much of an impression apart from texturally. Out of three the roasted peanuts were the most definitive but for the main part even they struggled to come to terms with the domination of the strong chocolate. The holistic feedback was that this was a bar that most of us wanted to try with a milk chocolate coating.

7.9 out of 10

William Curley Bounty Bar

Have I been a saddo and saved the best until last again :D Why of course! This Bounty bar was admittedly the one I had least enthusiasm about but I was thankfully surprised by it and then some. It came described as 'White chocolate and toasted coconut ganache coated in Toscano 70% dark chocolate'.

As with the Marathon bar above this one came coated in the same strong tasting Toscano 70% dark chocolate, however things were a little different here and it wasn't quite so dominant. Indeed, although it shared the flavour construction as talked about above, the filling was so contrasting in style it managed to create the desired impact. The dark chocolate was great .... the white chocolate coconut ganache was out of this world :D It was so good infact it created one of those special moments that when you share with someone and you taste it at the same time, all you can do is look at each other with wider eyes and big grins :D The filling to this was bar was one of the creamiest, most delicious things I have tasted in a long time. No words can do it justice really, I think if you are an appreciator of coconut then this will make you feel like you are touching the stars - I will just leave it at that :D The most disappointing thing for me here was I chose to share it.

8.7 out of 10

Overall from what I have tasted, the William Curley Nostalgia range is one worth exploring if you have an interest in seeing how an up market chocolatier translates popular commercial offerings into their own style. Out of the three I tried, I do think that two of them need a little work. The Marathon was a little disappointing for what it intended to be, though Mr Curley more than made up for things with his outstanding take on the Bounty. Would I pay in excess of £3.00 for these again? The Marathon and Millionaire's I wouldn't without a recipe change. The Bounty bar I would honestly be prepared to pay more for.

June 22nd: 'Bits n Bobs' American Soda Selection

It's been a while since we last had a proper 'Bits n Bobs' review but today I have the pleasure of showcasing you all a number of goodies sent to me by my pals at AmericanSoda (Website See HERE). Despite the name, these chaps also import all kinds of American foodstuffs. You will no doubt have seen many of my 'Snack of the Week' products have come from these guys lately - namely the Oreo Golden Double Stuff Cookies being a particular highlight (See HERE).

Goldenberg's Chew-ets Original / Milk Chocolate Peanut Chews

Original - Kcal 270 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 35.0g (per 6 pieces)
Milk Chocolate - Kcal 270 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 33.0g (per 6 pieces)

I have to admit that I was dreading having to both eat and review these when the guys at AmericanSoda told me they were sending them across. Having read up on them on other American review websites such as Candyblog (Cybele's review HERE), the prospect of fake chocolate and even fake caramel didn't sound an altogether desirable mix. Factor in the vague on-pack descriptors 'Bite-size chewy pieces loaded with peanuts' and the inclusion of the much dread trans fats, things didn't sound very promising.

Well consider me pleasantly surprised! These weren't half bad you know :D The so called 'chocolate' on both was ...errr.... pointless considering that both variants were relatively flavourless. The milk variant was a little sweeter, though frankly the chocolate was a complete non-factor by the time the inner molasses and peanuts were encountered. This may sound negative but I guess if they weren't going to bother with decent chocolate then it made sense for them to let the peanuts take centre stage. Thankfully this was something they did rather nicely, and their roasted, salty flavours played off nicely against the sugary, treacle like fillings. The chewy textures made their mouth longevity a decent long while, I genuinely couldn't pull a favourite out of the two. I wouldn't count them as an essential purchase, but if you are looking for a basket filler you could do a lot worse.

Original - 7.2 out of 10
Milk Chocolate -7.2 out of 10

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Drops

Kcal 200 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 25.0g) (per 15 pieces - 41.0g)

My initial reaction when I saw these was that we had yet another Galaxy Counters product at hand. To be fair to Hershey's I don't think Galaxy (or Dove as they are known in the US) actually have these out over there, so one might forgive them for just plugging an existing gap in their current market. As you can probably tell from my photos these were pretty simple in proposition and build 'milk chocolate drops - no shell, no mess' was what was promised on the front of the wrapper.

Now normally this type of candy and chocolate don't smell of much when their packets are opened. Well I wish this had been true about these guys - the Hershey's disgusting wrank milk smell was unfortunately evident here, even my old man winced when taking the photographs. Not allowing myself not to be perturbed I just got on with things and at the end of the day just enjoyed a decently average bag of chocolate. Glazing agent shell coatings aren't my favourite thing in the world, but they were at least very thin here and didn't inhibit the release of the flavours to a great degree. The chocolate was everything I expected it to be with it's sweet milky cocoa flavour set later followed by the unique Herhsey's yoghurty like after taste. Hershey chocolate sits fine with me so I got an average amount of enjoyment from these. They didn't offer anything I hadn't experienced before but they still made for a decent enough snack.

7.0 out of 10

Kellogg's Pop Tarts Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Kcal 190 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 19.0g (per pastry)

Kellogg's Pop Tarts aren't one of my favourite products in the world, however they have featured on ChocolateMission previously when I took a look at the 'Chocotastic' flavour we have available here in the UK (See HERE). Anyone who knows their American foods will know that Pop Tarts are 'serious business' in America! Kellogg's have a pretty extensive range of different flavours to offer - I think I counted around 30 last time I cared to look on their website.

As I said above they may not be my favourite things ever but I was hardly going to turn down the opportunity of trying these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavoured ones. Replacing my usual bran flakes and fruit, I tried eating two of these this morning, however failed miserabley when I just couldn't take the sugar overload that I got from just the one. Aromas wise it has to be said that these pastries smelt very pleasant and the fresh baked pastry smells gave signs of real promise. Once toasted the surrounding pastry was a little dry and flavourless but it at least wasn't quite the sugar onslaught of the upper topping of frosting and inner filling. Taste wise the filling wasn't bad - it wasn't quite the full on effect chocolate cookie dough experience desired (ala Ben & Jerry's), but for a limited duration at the start of each bite I did get hints of cookie and chocolate before the sugar took over. My big issue with these was that I didn't they didn't to provide much in the way of sustenance. By 11.00am I was hit with with a severe case of the hunger pangs! Pop Tarts fan might want to take a look but I think I will be sticking to my usual cereal for the time being.

6.7 out of 10

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis

Kcal 200 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 23.0g (per 11 pieces)

HERSHEY WORKER #1: "Guys we need to come up with a new development for Reese's"
HERSHEY WORKER #2: "Hmmm I know, lets do miniature versions of the normal ones"
HERSHEY WORKER #1: "Wow that's great ... but haven't we done that before?"
HERSHEY WORKER #2: "Oh yeah ... errr

*2 minute pause*

HERSHEY WORKER #2: Eureka!!! I know!!! Lets make them even smaller!!"
HERSHEY WORKER #1: "Wow what an idea! We're the best!"

.... That's how I envisage the geniouses at Hershey's came up with these :D See my review of the original Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures HERE.

Ignoring my pessimism, and just reviewing the product at hand these were admittedly still pretty cool. Each of the mini-miniatures was about the size of a 5 pence piece - about five or so made for a comfortable mouthful at any given time. What I loved about these so much was that they were not only great when eaten by themselves, but also as when eaten alongside other foods such as cereal, ice cream etc. These didn't present anything different in terms of the chocolate being crappy and the peanut butter filling exceptional, but still I imagine they would bring a great deal of pleasure to anyone who has enjoyed Reese's products before. Recommended for Reese's nutters :D

7.9 out of 10

June 20th: Hotel Chocolat Knickerbocker Glory Peach Melba & Mint Choc Chip

Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Ask and you shall receive ChocolateMission fanatics :D If you have been checking out the site for the last few weeks you will not doubt have seen that the Hotel Chocolat Monday's have been in full flow. Feedback in those reviews has often come in the form of further requests - a notable sum of them being calls for me to review the rest of the Knickerbocker Glory range. The first variant I reviewed from this range did very well on the ChocolateMission rating system (See Hotel Chocolat Knickerbocker Glory Neopolitan review HERE), so further joys were expected from both these Peach Melba and Mint Choc Chips flavours.

Just as with the Neopolitans, both of these came in 110.0g packets that comprised of ten truffles in each. I'm sure you will agree, the presentation of both was very impressive. The Peach Melba truffles aesthetically caught the eye with their vivid bright pink outer shells. The Mint Choc Chip ones were more notable for their forthcoming minty scents that emerged as the plastic packet was split.

Below are my thoughts on each - my taste testing helper panel this time consisted of various family members.

Hotel Chocolat Knickerbocker Glory Mint Choc Chip - 'Mint ganache covered in dark chocolate with dark chocolate chips'. For some reason or other (i.e. I have no idea why!?), Hotel Chocolat don't seem to offer the broadest selection of chocolate mint products. Their Hotel Chocolat Midnight Mint Collection impressed in the past, however if you think about just how many truffle collections of their's I have tried, it is a little puzzling why their seems to be such a limited amount. Believe me, this all becomes increasingly more puzzling when they prove they can make truffles like these, which were simply nothing short of outstanding. The 70.0% dark chocolate which coated each truffle substantiated coffee noted unsweetened cocoa flavours from the outset and these shells were the perfect foil for the utterly gorgeous minty fillings below. Exceeding all expectations, the peppermint ganache was smooth on the tongue, creamy and had just about the right level of mintyness. These two contrasting elements made for an altogether sensational flavour experience which was loved by one and all. Chocolate mint fans - this is your ecstasy!!

9.1 out of 10


Hotel Chocolat Knickerbocker Glory Peach Melba - 'Peach ganache in white chocolate, coated in raspberry powder and icing sugar'. Whenever the words Hotel Chocolat and any sort of fruit get mentioned in our household there is always a great deal of interest shown. Being a lover of peaches ("the flesh not the skin" so she tells me at every given opportunity :D), my mother was hugely keen on trying these so I didn't deny her the pleasure. To be honest it's lucky for Hotel Chocolat that I did draft her in to help me here, as I personally didn't find these to my taste. Personally I wasn't keen on the make up of the outer shells, as I thought the icing sugar and raspberry dusting were somewhat uncessary. Indeed they added colour to the truffles, but for me they changed the usual taste of Hotel Chocolat white chocolate which I thought this time was more intensely sugary. My mother was undeterred by this of course and was more focused on the peach filling which by all means was very tasty. It delivered contributions of peachy fruit and cream in equal measures - the minor tartness of the peach was highlight and didn't at least temper the sweetness of the chocolate partially.

8.2 out of 10

Overall these were both good standard truffles, though for me the Mint Choc Chip really stood out as something special. All three of these Hotel Chocolat Knickbocker Glory flavours have been pretty good and I would suggest you give them a try if any of the flavours whet the appetite. I'm now heading off to hide the rest of the Mint Choc Chips ones from wondering hands :D

June 18th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 76 - Oreo Golden Double Stuf


Hi All,

The reviews seem to have been received rather well this week - Thank you ever so much for all the kind words and feedback you have left on them. Just in case you missed them you can catch up with them using the links below:

Hotel Chocolat Mississippi Mud Pie - See HERE
Lucky's Mad Hatter Bars - See HERE
William Curley Sea Salt Caramel Mou / Praline Feullantine - See HERE

Hopefully all of you will have seen and participated in the twitter competition this week. I can reveal the winners are:


Congratulations. You have all won Ritter Sport prizes! Please direct message me your addresses (or e-mail!) For all of you who missed out this time FOLLOW ME HERE, to save missing out next time.

I can't offer another competition this week, but keep your eyes and ears open for another big one coming up in the next few weeks. I'm still yet to decide the upcoming reviews this week, however Hotel Chocolat Monday is a nailed on certainty.

Have great weekends and remember to visit the NEWS PAGE.


SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the weekKcal 150 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 21.0g (Per 2 cookies)

Today 'Snack of the Week' comes courtesy of my pals at American Soda (Website HERE) who ever so kindly sourced a pack of these Oreo Golden Double Stuff for me when I pleaded for them to get added to their site. These had been recommended to me by a number of people on Twitter after my review of the original Oreo Double Stuff - it was hardly like I need much encouragement, especially after reading Marvo's great review HERE.

In case you are a UK reader who hasn't come across these before, Oreo Golden come described as 'golden vanilla sandwich cookies with vanilla cream fillings'. As you can see from my photos these double stuf (why the silly spelling I don't know!) looked very attractive with the immense volume of vanilla cream very much catching the eye. If you will allow me to compare these to the original Double Stuff (See HERE), I will tell you there were elements about these that I both found better and inferior. What was worse? The golden cookies weren't bad tasting, but on balance I would say the chocolate biscuits of the originals have a bit more to them. What was better? I found the vanilla cream worked better with the golden biscuit and the vanilla flavours seemed enhanced and less sugary.

Overall these were a nice variation of Oreo, though I'm unsure they managed to surpass the originals in my eyes - the jury is still out on that one. One thing I do know is that fans of Custard Creme biscuits here in the UK will think they have died and gone to heaven. Get yourselves to American Soda before they sell out folks.

8.2 out of 10


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