November 30th: Heavenly Cakes Christmas Crimbo Crumble

I loved this cake even before I opened it's packet :D I thought I was the only person left on this planet who was sad enough to still use the word 'Chrimbo' (I used it in the office last week and was shot a number of funny looks). Seemingly @BettyBakes saw fit to dub one of her creations this year the 'Crimbo Crumble' so I can't be as out of touch as I first thought :D ... enough with the rambling and on to the cake!! Step up to the ChocolateMission plate Heavenly Cakes Christmas Crimbo Crumble ...

@BettyBakes and co sent me a few single servings of this 2011 Christmas creation and it came packaged in the usual cellophane packet, cardboard sleeve packaging. Take a peak at the score chart and you will see that the presentation of the cake let itself down. Indeed this was THE STICKIEST cake ever reviewed on ChocolateMission. It stuck to packet, it stuck to my plate and most certainly stuck to my fingers. It was unavoidable feeling messy eating this cake, lucky enough this was to be the only drawback involved here. Aroma wise it smelt great with the sugary spice smells putting me straight away in the Christmas mindset.

As I said above, the stickiness of the cake was the only drawback so I've already given away the game away that it tasted great. Comprising of a 'Shortbread base with mincemeat covered with crumble & icing drizzle' this was indeed a total delight on all the senses. The shortbread base initiated things providing a crumbly butter biscuit led taste that melted in the mouth like a dream to uncover the soft chewy layers of fruit and spice above. The mincemeat placed on top was well proportioned to the additional crumble and icing toppings and was neither over dominant or underplayed in the grand taste. It was sweet, fruity and had strong tones of nutmeg and cinnamon coming through with terrific balance against the sugary sweet icing and partially salted crumble mix. This was a cake bursting with Christmassy flavours and left me feeling 100.0% satisfied alongside my mid-afternoon coffee.

Overall this Christmas Crimbo Cake can go down as a total home-run as a seasonal cake from Heavenly. Once I got over the fact that my hands, kitchen and camera were all covered in a mixture of sticky mincemeat, glitter and broken off bits of icing it was all plain sailing from there - this cake made me truly feel like Christmas was on its way with sensational mixture of spicy sweet flavour elements - this was Crimbo in optimal cake form. If you like cakes like Mince Pies or Mr Kipling's Christmas Bakewells then this Heavenly Cakes Christmas Crimbo Cake will be right up your street. My challenge to the Heavenly Cakes guys next year is to find a way of delivering this same experience, but within a form that makes the cake a little more glamorous looking and without the necessity for so much finger licking :D Ignoring that I still feel happy as pie giving a big time JCM recommendation.

8.5 out of 10

November 28th: Artisan du Chocolat Christmas Pudding Couture Box

The Christmas reviews are well underway here on JCM and I'm delighted to bring you my thoughts on this Artisan du Chocolat Christmas Pudding Couture Box today (Website See HERE). A few weeks ago one my contacts at Artisan contacted me saying they had some very special lines of chocolates lined up for Festivities this year. The sound of these 'Christmas pudding flavoured couture chocolates' certainly got my attention, and I was very pleased indeed to receive a box just over a week ago.

I'm sure to the disappointment of no one we have somewhat of a photo frenzy going on today. You guys can thank the 'Old Man' for that, he got very keen with snapping away with these and I can't say I blame him. If you take a peek at the score chart below you will see I have awarded Artisan a 10 out of 10 for their product presentation. These were nothing short of stunning looking and I can't say enough good things about the quality on show here. My whole family agreed that this was a beautiful box of chocolates - everything from the suave outer leather box, opening mechanism and the chocolates themselves just oozed class and sophistication of the highest order.Once we built up the courage to disturb the elegantly packed box there was only one thing left to do and that was to run these milk and dark Christmas pudding flavoured chocolates through the JCM taste test. With expectations sky rocket high I have the disappointing news to report that I was totally underwhelmed with my first taste. Opting for one of the milk chocolates I was surprised at the total lack of flavour generated by the inner Christmas pudding centre. Not to be perturbed I straight away tried another, thankfully it was about a hundred times better - phew :D Yes indeed, like the first one I tried, their were no qualms with their chocolate whatsoever. It delivered a delightful fresh, crisp creamy cocoa flavour base and melted with a soft, flowing mouth feel. To my relief, with the second chocolate, the stodgy cake filling was packed with different festive flavours, with elements of cinnamon, nutmeg, sweet citrus fruits, nuts and salt providing a taste journey that was multi-depthed and compelling. The dark chocolate variety were heavily favoured by the 'Old Man' who said that even in the chocolates where the centre Christmas Pudding filling was more subdued, the richer, earthier cocoa flavours were more than compensatory.

Overall this was a highly enjoyable box of chocolates and one certainly worth taking note of for Christmas this year. On the balance of things it was agreed by one and all that it's positive features in it's glorious presentation and unique Christmas Pudding concept, vastly outweighed it's only negative in the consistency of it's flavour strength delivery. There were definitely more chocolates packed to the brim with the desired Christmas Pudding flavours, but just as my unlucky first experience panned out there were instances where other chocolates in the box were equally as flavourless. This Russian roulette style flavour strength may suit other options better, but for a box of chocolates that is presented with such grandeur it would no doubt of been better if they had a little more consistency given just how wonderfully tasty they were at their best. So would I buy them? I sure would! Their looks sell them alone.

8.2 out of 10

November 26th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Hotel Chocolat Christmas Nuts


Hi All,

I've had a crazy last week but I'm still endeavouring to bring you guys the best coverage possible of what's available for Christmas 2011. The posts this week for Hotel Chocolat Alternative Mince Pies (See HERE) and
Niederegger Liqueur Flavoured Marzipan Selection (See HERE) appear to have gone down rather well, thanks again for all the comments and feedback, I know all the ones about the photography go down very well with the 'Old Man'.

I've been horrendously busy with the day job, but I've still managed to make some great headway through all the samples I've received for the site this Christmas. I won't give you any spoilers but I can confirm there are some very attention worthy things coming up on the site site next week and beyond. Who knows, I might even throw in a few cheeky Twitter competitions to get rid of all the excess - visit @ChocMission and follow me to keep a look out for that.

Be sure to swing by the news page folks (See HERE). I should be updating it before the end of the weekend. Until then ... happy chocolate eating :D


***NB - Please do not attempt to leave comments today. If you need to contact me please do via Twitter @Chocmission

SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week
Courtesy of our pals at Hotel Chocolat, we have a two-in-one SOTW feature this week. Indeed, as you may have gathered from the photos my family and I have been feasting our way through these two Hotel Chocolat nut offerings which both came in 250.0g tins (£10.00 each before you ask haha!).

Presentation wise Hotel Chocolat were never going to be able to make much of chocolate coated nuts, but we thought these tins were a novel way of containing them for both freshness and also establishing a premium feel. As for the nuts themselves we had mixed feelings in regards to which were superior. The 'Old Man' thought the dark chocolate covered brazil nuts were just fantastic and he expressed his delight at how the earthy cocoa flavours were a perfect foil for the buttery sweetness of the nuts. On the flip side, my mother and I were bigger fans of the cinnamon noted milk chocolate almonds, which I personally believed had more of moreish taste to them with their salty spiced creamy flavours. Whilst we were disagreed on our favourites, one thing we were all aligned on was just had wonderfully fresh both the chocolate and nuts came across in taste and texture. These were both a cut above the ones you will find in supermarkets that's for sure.

Dark Brazil Nuts - 8.5 out of 10
Milk Cinnamon Almonds - 8.5 out of 10

Delivered chocolate gifts from Hotel ChocolatHave you seen the Hotel Chocolat Christmas line up this year? SEE HERE


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November 23rd: Niederegger Liqueur Flavoured Marzipan Selection

Before I start the review today, I yet again have to thank a ChocolateMission reader for providing me with the product. Indeed it was dedicated reader and comment contributor David who sent me this fabulous Niederegger selection to feature as part of my Christmas reviews this year. I always feel terribly guilty accepting chocolates from readers, but David was insistent that I try these Niederegger Liqueur Flavoured Marzipans.

As you will see from my photographs above the selection included four different flavours, each of which were portioned four times in the 200.0g box. I thought the flavours included could have been communicated a little more clearly on the outer box, though that said the lovely looking foil wrappers that covered each of the mini loaves were very obvious and kept each of the pieces in really amazing condition. My thoughts on the flavours are below.

Fig-Vodka - This was my least favourite in the selection and I actually left one of the pieces uneaten which is something I never would have thought I would have done with a Niederegger marzipan product. This flavour was covered with Niederegger's plain dark chocolate which I thought complimented the sweet, syrupy apple like flavours generated from the marzipan very well. Whilst I was more than happy with the taste, it was the texture that upset me somewhat, as it included the pips from the fruit. Personally I thought they upset the feel of the marzipan, as they created a crackly sensation that didn't feel at all natural.

Fig-Vodka - 6.8 out of 10

Rum-Krokant - For those unaware Krokant is nut brittle, a common ingredient included in German confectionery. This piece was coated with milk chocolate so the taste established before the centre marzipan was uncovered was sweet and creamy. In comparison to the other flavours included in the box, this was the most probably the plainest in regards to it's flavours. The contribution from the rum was self evident and provided a mild boozy undertone, but the most forthcoming flavours were that of mixed hazelnut and almond. It was very nice.

Rum-Krokant - 8.0 out of 10

Mirabelle Brandy - This was my second favourite and came enrobed in a layer of dark chocolate. The plainer chocolate flavours were again well matched for the sweet fruitiness of the marzipan that lay below. As with all Niederegger products the marzipan retained a wonderful moistness, and the luxurious doughy bread and almond nut flavours avoided being overly sugar laden. The alcohol content was yet again wonderfully balanced, and allowed full expression of the plum fruitiness that came through in the latter stages of the melt.

Mirabelle Brandy - 8.4 out of 10

Apple Calvados - I was at first a little worried by the matching of sweet milk chocolate and a sweet fruit like apple, but this was actually my favourite flavour of marzipan in the box. The outer milk chocolate was as desired and established a creamy chocolateyness before the marzipan was uncovered below. The chocolate was good and all, but it was the marzipan that was the star of the show with it's real apple pieces. Unlike the seeds and pips in the fig flavour, the small little bits of apple were highly complimentary of the almond marzipan, and they provided some delicious juicy fruit flavours that had a sensational warming hint of alcohol behind them. Superb :D

Apple Calvados - 8.8 out of 10

Overall this was a fantastic set of marzipan flavours that were all terrifically unique and delicious. What impressed me so much about these particular marzipans were the way they delivered the flavours I was expecting. All too often nowadays I try chocolates and other confectionery that say they are going to deliver 'flavour X' and end up tasting nothing like described and/or expected. The first step to making any decent product is to deliver on consumer expectations - the flavours in this box did that, and in the case of the Krokant, Mirabelle and Apple exceeded them. Not being the greatest fan of alcohol I was a little cautious of the liqueurs overpowering the almondy marzipan - I shouldn't have doubted Niederegger :D they balanced them amazingly. Thanks again to David, this is a selection I would highly recommend to marzipan lovers this Christmas.

November 21st: Hotel Chocolat Alternative Mince Pies

It's about time we got down to serious business with this years Christmas reviews so kicking us off this week we have one of Hotel Chocolat's newest seasonal offerings. Taking centre stage this fine Monday morning we have these Hotel Chocolat Alternative Mince Pies which have been developed entirely for the new 2011 season. Hotel Chocolat caramel and praline chocolates have come in for some serious praise here on ChocolateMission in the past, so the billing of 'milk chocolate cups filled with layers of praline and salted caramel' filled me with great excitement and anticipation.

I'm going to endeavour to factor price increasingly into my reviews this year as I understand its significance has grown considerably as of late. These six chocolates came in a pack that weighed 95.0g in totality and are listed up on the Hotel Chocolat site (See HERE) priced at £7.50. I wouldn't say value for money was a strong point of this product given the £/Kg ratio looking rather lopsided on the £'s side of things - for only six chocolates even I think Hotel Chocolat are pushing things here. Pricing issues aside I liked the look the packaging and presentation. I don't think it can be argued that these didn't look very appetising - just look at the photograph the 'Old Man' captured with the caramel ooze.

With Hotel Chocolat's 40% and 72% recipes being involved here, I never had any qualms about how delicious the chocolate was going to taste - in a nutshell both were of course simply delightful. Indeed both types provided rich tasting initial base flavours - the milk obviously more cream and sugar derived, and the dark a little more subtle with it's strong cocoa tones and more refined sweet milky undertones. Whilst both chocolate types provided compelling flavour journeys, full expression of the woody praline and salt noted butterscotch caramel fillings were allowed to take steer of the taste. The flavour experience provided by these chocolates was one of luxury and progression, and these were given the rubber stamp of approval from all those lucky enough to nab one before the six count packet was fully scavenged.

Overall these were some high quality chocolates, though they were not received without a few pretty relevant questions being asked by the JCM tasting panel. Firstly the name of the product was called to question - why were these called 'alternative mince pies'? On reflection I have to agree the name is partially misleading, as apart from their shape these weren't anything to do with the aforementioned festive treat. Secondly the small sized chocolates (10p coin size) proved to be sufficient served as after dinner coffee chocolates, but the issue of price at £7.50 was seen to be an area of potential contention with some wanting a little more 'bang for their buck'. Those minor issues aside these were received well for what they were i.e. tasty chocolate praline caramels. Judging them on that basis alone I would be prepared to give them a JCM thumbs up.

8.1 out of 10

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Delivered chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat

November 19th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 95 - J-List Extravaganza


Hi All,

Very busy times are approaching JCM and there has already been some serious hard work going on behind the scenes to get the site ready to provide you with the best chocolate coverage this Christmas.

I must give mention to the 'Old Man' (he isn't that old haha!) who has been snapping away furiously with his photography and has done a really cracking job with the latest sampling packages sent through by Hotel Chocolat, Heavenly Cakes and Artisan du Chocolat. Whilst he has been doing that I've been contemplating the daunting task of writing everything up into exciting formats that you will all engage with - long reviews? Bit's n Bobs? Photo Frenzy? Snacks of the Week? If you guys have a preference on how you want to see all these things showcased be sure to drop me a line on Twitter @ChocMission

The update is short and sweet this week as I'm just about to head off and update the news page. I hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming holidays! Here at JCM we are all going to be mega relieved when then the run up is finally over :D As for you lot there are just exciting times ahead :D


N.B. Comments will be disabled this weekend due to me having no means of moderating them. Please contact me via Twitter/E-mail for any enquiries.

SNACK(s) OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week

Snack of the week is a little different today in that I've decided to present you with some 'SNACKS' of the week instead :D (yes that is a plural!!). Courtesy of my friends from J-List (See HERE), I've been munching my way through all these different Japanese biscuit snacks. After doing so I thought the best way to showcase them to you is to forget the stress of scoring all of them, but rather taking some snazzy photos and giving you a quick run-down on each. Sit back, relax and enjoy this bizarre Japanese showcase :D ....

Kabaya Saku Panda Chocolate Monaka Minis / Strawberry
Minis - Kcal 207 Fat 11.9g Carbs 22.2g (Per 38.0g pack)
Strawberry - Kcal 138 Fat 8.8g Carbs 13.3g (Per 24.0g pack)

Two products here - one a giant panada shaped wafer filled with strawberry chocolate cream. The other a pack of white and milk chocolate panda shaped shortbread biscuits. The big wafer made for an awesome light snack dipped in a milky coffee, whilst the biscuits where a cute thing to have on my desk to graze on throughout the day. Fun looking, tasty snacks, based on my all time favourite animal :D What isn't there to love here!?

Tohato Crayon Shin Chan Chocobi Choco Banana Flavor
Kcal 135 Fat 7.9g Carbs 15.6g (Per 25.0g pack)

These mini biscuits come with the weirdest descriptor ever seen on J-List and are billed as being based on 'manga and anime Crayon Shin-Chan, the story about a very "special" kindergarten boy who loves to do cosplay and chase beautiful girls, along with showing off his butt." .... err ok!!! What I could make sense of were the delightful biscuits involved here. They were light, almost wafer like in texture, yet somehow managed to deliver a wonderfully real tasting banana flavour sensation. At the heart of each, the biscuits were laced with just a few granules of brown sugar which made these terribly addictive and sweet. Surprisingly enjoyable!

Bourbon Chocolate Every Burger
Kcal 169 Fat 8.5g Carbs 20.6g (Per 33.0g pack)

I had no idea what to expect from these but again I was to be pleasantly surprised. These mini 'burgers' came presented in two separate 33.0g packs which contained around eight sesame seed topped shortbread biscuits with chocolate cream centres. The sesame seeds on top of the biscuits were a very nice touch indeed, and provided a delightful savoury note to contrast with the sweeter biscuit and creamy chocolate centres. These were horrendously addictive, I'm glad they had the courtesy to separate them into two packs for me :D


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November 16th: Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue

I'm sure you all wouldn't have failed to notice that Heavenly Cakes have been back on the ChocolateMission radar recently. Their reappearance on ChocolateMission of late has been met with a big thumbs up from the JCM community and amongst all the positive comments there have been several readers asking that I review their Very Berry Meringue cake. Well ask JCM readers and you shall receive :D Indeed today I bring you my thoughts and two pennies worth on this very delicacy. Described as a very tempting sounding concoction of 'all-butter shortbread, covered with a tart summer jam with light meringue chunks on top & sprinkled in summer berries & white chocolate' it was little surprise that this one had attracted so much attention from curious JCM readers.

As with all the other cakes recently, Heavenly Cakes sent me some single serve packs that I shared with the ever willing JCM-family tasting panel. With products like Heavenly Cakes it is natural to expect that the pictures they feature on their website are going to be 'touched up' versions of the actual product, and that the reality is likely to be somewhat different. Hopefully my photos (... well the Old Man's!!) showcase that this was really once again not the case. They looked every bit as fantastic with each layer of the intricate cake highly visible and the inner ingredients seemingly well dispersed throughout.

Over a fine cup of tea we tested these delightful berry laced slices out and without spoiling things too much (like you all have haven't looked at the score already anyway haha!!) they were to coin a phrase 'exceedingly good'. With so many different layers involved this was a cake notable for it's ever developing flavours with the butteryness of the shortbread, sweet sugaryness of the meringue and the tarty red berries making for some interesting flavour contrasts. Additionally all these different elements made for sensational variety of textures with juicy fruits, chewy meringue and crunchy biscuit - it was a sheer delight. One thing I'm yet to get out of Nigel & Maeve at HC is the kind of white chocolate they use for their cakes. Whatever it may be it gets the JCM thumbs up - the creamy vanilla noted taste provided a fitting end to each and every bite - this is where they tell me its Cadbury Dream :D

Overall all round this was felt to be the best cake in the most recent selection that myself and my family were treated to. As I have alluded to above the cake provided a delicious fruity sweet slice that was both rich and moreish. It's sweet white chocolate and sticky fruity jam taste sent sugar levels sky rocketing, but it's moreish nature commanded that important 'just one more bite' attractiveness. If red berries are your thing and you like your chocolate sweet then I see little reason why this Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue wont meet all seals of approval. If I was hosting a party and was looking for a fruit themed option to entertain my Heavenly Cakes platter (now that's a good idea!) then this Very Berry Meringue would likely be my cake of choice.

8.7 out of 10

November 14th: 'Bits n Bobs' Chocolate Biscuit Superpost # 3

The rules are being broken all over the place within Bits & Bob's today :D Not only are biscuits the focal point of the post again, but some of them don't contain chocolate, whilst others have been brought in from as far away as Australia. How can I justify this you ask? Well all of them have been requested by readers in the last twelve months. If the demand is there it can't be ignored. On to the reviews ...
Burton's Toffee Dodgers Burton's Toffee Dodgers
83 Fat 3.0g Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 6.0g (per biscuits)

Speaking as someone who really dislikes normal Jammie Dodgers (ghastly sweet things!) I wasn't all that motivated to seek these out despite the several recommendations sent my way through my 'Snack of the Week' weekend posts. When I saw them priced at just £0.54p in my local Tesco though, it seemed like a good time to pull the trigger so a pack finally made it in to my basket this past week.

In the 'no s*** Sherlock' moment of the week I can reveal that these were of course the biscuits that I referred to above as not containing any chocolate. These came billed as 'Chewy toffee splodged at between two toffee flavour shortcake biscuits'. Packaging and presentation wise I was impressed with these - especially the caramel like scents which were very appetising it has to be said. The surprising impressiveness continued when it came to the taste, where the the toffee filling was a greater entity than just the sickly sweet substance I expected it to be. Indeed, the toffee had a lick of butter amongst it's brown sugar flavours, and this played nicely alongside the buttery, salty emphasis established by the outer shortbread biscuit. I'm as surprised as anyone to be writing this, but I would buy these again :D You guys must know what you are talking about! Good recommendations guys and girls!

7.6 out of 10

Arnott's TimTam Fingers
Arnott's TimTam Fingers
208 Fat 10.6g Fat(sats) 5.5g Carbs 25.4g (per 2 biscuits)

The amount of requests I received to review these Arnott's Tim Tam Fingers finally hit a breaking a point, and for the sake of my inbox I thought best get a review done. For those not familiar, Tim Tams are chocolate biscuits made by Arnott's in Australia. Arnott's claim to sell over 35 million packs a year ... that's 400 million biscuits ... which eqcuates to 1.7 packs per Australian citizen ... that's a lot of biscuits huh!? (thanks WIKI - See HERE).

Tim Tam biscuits comprise of three major layers - an outer coating of milk chocolate, a layer of milk chocolate cream, all sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits. sound familiar UK folk!? Well yes of course it does ... it sounds almost entirely like the McVitie's Penguin bar (See Here). Whilst it sounds like exactly the same proposition, I have to concede that our Aussie friends have a far superior product. Whilst the chocolate flavours aren't anything special I still found the chocolate hit to be far greater in strength than in the Penguin bar. Additionally the inner chocolate cream tasted of more than simply sugar, and had a creamier taste that complimented the salt licked shortbread like biscuit pieces very nicely indeed. Having now tasted these, I much better understand the cult following they have. The Aussies may have the better biscuits, but we have the Ashes :D Just you remember that chaps :D

8.3 out of 10

Cadbury Fabulous FingersCadbury Fabulous Fingers
70 Fat 4.0g Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 5.0g (per serving)

For a part of the portfolio that had been largely ignored for years, there has been quite a bit of new product development for Cadbury Fingers in the last year. Already within the last year we have seen the launch of the Toffee Crunch (See HERE) and the Halloween limited edition Freaky Fingers (See HERE). As if these weren't enough for you guys already, Cadbury have most recently launched these new 'Fabulous Fingers'.

What makes these so Fabulous then!? The promise of 'crisp chocolate flavoured biscuits covered in milk chocolate and white chocolate' is supposed to do the trick. I recently decided to see whether or not this was the case or not having seen them on a BOGOF £1.99 deal. Straight from the pack they appeared no different to usual milk chocolate fingers, though once snapped in half there was an obvious milk and white layering system. Due to the thinness of both of these layers I wasn't expecting much differentiation from the norm, however to my pleasant surprise these definitely had a greater milkier, creamy emphasis than normal. I wouldn't go as far as saying the difference was hugely significant, but I enjoyed these for what they were and would buy them again over the originals.

7.9 out of 10

McVitie's Quirks Chocolate / Double ChocMcVitie's Quirks Chocolate / Double Choc
65 Fat 3.5g Fat(sats) 1.5g Carbs 3.8g (Chocolate)
65 Fat 3.6g Fat(sats) 1.5g Carbs 4.0g (Double Choc)

Last up today we have the two remaining flavours of McVitie's Quirks that I was yet to review. After a less than inspiring showing from the Choc Hazelnut flavour (See HERE) back in August, I wasn't overly keen on trying these Chocolate or Double Chocolate variants. A combination of reader requests and £1.00 Tesco deals made me think otherwise :D

In terms of looks I was still pretty unexcited by both these flavours. The Double Choc was a little more interesting looking out the two, however both were still by and large underwhelming aesthetically. Ask any chocolate lover whether they are going to like a product named 'chocolate' or 'Double Choc' more and I think the answer you would get would be pretty straight forward everytime. It will come as no get surprise to you then that it was indeed the Double Choc variant they I preferred. The added cocoa to the biscuit gave it a creamier taste which essentially gave greater depth and chocolate flavour volume. The shortbread style biscuit of the standard chocolate flavour was fair, but as experienced before not anything worth going out your way to try. I wouldn't recommend them but if you are going to try one it would be the Double Choc.

Chocolate - 6.6 out of 10
Double Choc - 7.2 out of 10

November 12th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 94 - Heavenly Cakes Chocolate Shortbread


Hi All,

........It's the weekend!! Thank heavens is all I can say!! It's been another crazily busy week for me and I can only apologise for my lack of engagement with the site. Over the past few days, I've somehow managed to bring you reviews of the Green & Black's Burnt Toffee (See HERE), and also the latest range from those eccentric guys at Glico, the Pocky x Mart range (See HERE).

I realise we are alredy approaching Mid-November here - anyone worried about the lack of Christmas reviews really needn't. Over the coming days my views on the Hotel Chocolat Christmas 2011 range, and Heavenly Cakes's NEW festive treats will all be making appearances thanks to some well timed packages this week. The 'Old Man' has been on photography duty and the reviews should be coming up soon.

You eagle-eyed ChocolateMission readers may also have spotted the new advert placed on the right hand sidebar (LOOK HERE ----->) :D Indeed, Heavenly Cakes are currently running a cracking deal of Free Delivery on orders over £20.00 that are placed before Christmas. Make sure you take advantage of this by checking out there website HERE.

Please do pay the News Page a visit - it should be updated with all the news that has materialised in the last week or so.

Thanks for visiting the site - please continue to add your thoughts, feelings, opinion and requests to the posts! You guys that contribute make it all worth it at the end of the day.

Have great weekends.


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SNACK OF THE WEEK ..... a new part of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which will feature any manner of snacking product I have been products munching on in the week

Heavenly Cakes Chocolate Shortbread
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Carbs ???

As I have been telling you guys all week,it's been a rather hectic one this side of the screen at ChocolateMission. Thankfully, in the few moments of peace that I've managed to grab, I've been helping myself to some Heavenly Cakes from my latest sampling package - namely some of their Chocolate Shortbread which I've been taking to work.

I find shortbread generally comes in two forms. On one hand there is the horrible, hard flavourless sugary stuff like used (HERE), on the other there's the buttery, salty creamy delicious kind ... like what we have right here :D In a nutshell Heavenly Cakes Chocolate Shortbread is utterly divine. The Crunchy outerim and soft yielding, crumbly cake like innards make for textural delight, whilst the buttery, salt noted taste is up there with the best I've had. Could it be better!? Well the chocolate buttons don't produce the biggest chocolate flavour hit, but they could easily sort that with a grander chocolate layer or even some chocolate chips perhaps!? There was a reason why I was greedy and kept this to myself this week - it was just too good to share.

8.2 out of 10


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